How can I improve my natural curls?

Depending on the day, our mood, or our plans, nearly all of us want our hair to be something different than it is. We want our straight hair curly, our curly hair straight, and let’s not get started on changing up the color! Chemical services at the salon and excessive use of heat tools are the most damaging forms of abuse we put our hair through. Curly hair tends to be fragile than other hair types, leading to very visible damage and all-hope-is-lost moments.

 My Curls Died! How Do I Get Dead Curls Back?

Can curly hair be restored?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: All of your hair is dead -- that’s why you can damage it so excessively without feeling any pain. But we know what you mean. If you are experiencing any of the below, it’s time to strengthen your haircare game. 

  • No more bounce
  • More frizz than definition
  • Straight ends
  • Crunchy hair
  • Inability to style
  • An overwhelming feeling of dread

OK, so maybe we made that last one up. When you start noticing these symptoms, it’s time to rethink your curls and how you treat them. Your curls will grow back, but patience is key.

Moisture Is A Curl’s Best Friend

How do you moisturize and hydrate curly hair?

This is always the case, whether your hair’s in good shape or bad. A deeply penetrating hydration mask is a good place to start. Replenish Hair Masque boasts an envy-worthy list of hydrating ingredients to not only moisturize your hair, but also allow your hair to lock in that moisture. 

  • Shea butter
  • Provitamin B5
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil

Kick Your Heat Habit

It might be hard, but the payoff is worth it. This includes your diffuser. When your curls are already damaged, applying heat will make it that much worse. No irons, wands, or chemical services at the salon (such as relaxers, lightening, or permanent color) while you’re waiting on your natural curl pattern to return.

Improve Your Product Selection - And Your Tools

If you’re new to the natural curl game or you’ve never really taken the time to invest in your hair, now’s your time to shine. Swap your hair brushes for wide-tooth combs. Ditch your old leave-in for a thermal protecting one (like Leave-In Conditioner Mist). If you’re one to put your hair up on the regular, switch out the elastics for scrunchies or claws. 

Maintain Your Scalp

Your hair grows from your scalp and, believe it or not, your curl pattern is already set in your follicles. A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, so do everything you can to keep it in good shape! A weekly Curl Partner Wellness Remedy in the shower not only helps remove surface buildup from your hair, it also helps remove mineral buildup from your scalp. Curlies often use a lot of product to maintain moisture and definition. How do you remove product buildup from curly hair? Use Un-Do-Goo to gently clarify your curls and remove styling product buildup and resins. 

You’ve Got This - And We’ve Got You!

While it may seem that all hope is lost, your curls will bounce back with a little extra care and nourishment. The right products and a little self control go a long way toward curl recovery. Check out our selection of products that will help repair and maintain your curls. 

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