TOM (Total Oxidation Management) Story



Have you ever met someone you want everyone else to meet?

Hear all about the journey of a man and a lifestyle changing lives globally spanning over three decades. 

In search of a mentor, Edwin Veguilla, a young entrepreneur shares his exclusive interviews the man known as the Pioneer of Wellness, Tom Porter, aka Malibu TOM.   Having started a world-changing business over three decades ago with only $5000, he combined his background in wellness with his discoveries and introduced new categories of products that originated in salons and spas.     Malibu TOM introduced the world to the use of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) for hair, scalp, and skin. Now many say, “He was way before his time.”   His response to that is “The world has caught up and are ready to learn a new approach to beauty”.

Follow along in a series of five thought-provoking conversations full of inspiration, education, imagination, and motivation. Malibu TOM speaks about his profound, yet simple approach to life called Total Oxidation Management. He also reveals management, marketing, and lifestyle tips he has acquired and developed while navigating a start-up company in the massive and complex beauty industry.