Pollution, Water, What?

What does low porosity mean?

Blonde hair — this includes you, natural blondes! — tends to be more porous than darker shades. What does hair porosity mean? Having high porosity hair means your hair soaks everything in. This includes all those pesky minerals hiding in your water, pollution from outside, and everything else! When these elements soak into your hair and oxidize, you’ll notice brassiness, dryness, and overall lackluster locks.

Pollution from smoke stacks. Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar @jankolar on Unsplash

Several elements have the ability to turn blonde brassy after they oxidize in the hair. Do you live in an area with a high iron content in the water? Iron is a major brassiness contributor (but not the only one). Other minerals will discolor your blonde, including calcium, magnesium, and lead! Yes, they’re probably hiding in your water and attaching to your hair like little magnets! The buildup from minerals often causes a layer on your hair which scatters light instead of reflecting it, and these oxidized minerals often leave the brassy or other colored tint in your hair.

Toner Toned Out?

Toner doesn’t last. This sheer overlay for your blonde helps take your blonde to the color you had in your mind. If your natural color has warm undertones, these often fight the lightener to break through. Your natural color affects your lightened color, and toner helps your stylist achieve the perfect results. If your toner fades and reveals brassiness underneath, you may need retoned. 

How Can You Treat Brassiness?

What color cancels out brassy blonde hair?

Before and After: first image with brassy, stringy, discolored blonde hair. Second image of brighter blonde with increased manageability

Before you call your stylist, do some home maintenance with Malibu Blondes Wellness remedy sachets, and Malibu Blondes Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner.

The power's in the packet! This seemingly small sachet packs a lot of punch - the crystallized vitamin formula removes surface minerals, instantly reviving your hair.

Add the magic of the tinted shampoo and conditioner, and you just transformed your hair game. Purple cancels out warm yellow, brassy, and orange tones! The Malibu Blondes Collection has all three products bundled together at a special price!

Total Oxidation Management: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Can you do a Malibu treatment on bleached hair?

The Blondes Wellness Remedy is a powerful formula in its own right, but it’s not as powerful as the in-salon Crystal Gel Treatment! Regular Crystal Gel Treatments at the salon are your surefire way to help keep your hair healthy, vibrant, and truer-to-tone. 

lifestyle image of Malibu Blondes Remedy sachet and hair accessories

This treatment also preps your hair for chemical services, including highlights and all-over lightening by effectively banishing harmful buildup from your hair, revealing natural shine, body, and bounce! Before your lightening service, this prepares your hair as a perfectly blank canvas for your stylist, allowing him to achieve proper lift and excellent toner application. When maintained with the Blondes Wellness Remedy, your hair stays mineral-free, and you can get back to the fun!

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