The biggest challenges with all salon services occur at the end of the summer/early fall. This is because the sun combined with warm summer air oxidizes minerals directly onto the hair, causing a wall of rock. Experience immediate results using the Hard Water Wellness Remedy.

Over 85% of us are shampooing in hard water. It is important that everyone understands not only what hard water is, but how it affects your hair and skin.

Hard water is water that contains minerals, specifically calcium (also known as lime) and/or magnesium. You can see spots of calcium on your drinking glasses or on your shower door, but it is usually invisible on hair. The best way to imagine these minerals is to visualize little dissolved rocks attached to the hair. Iron is often associated with hard water, but the presence of iron does not mean hard water, even though calcium and magnesium are usually present where iron is found. 

How do minerals get into water? All three of these minerals, along with copper, usually get into water when the rain passes through the various layers of earth. Most water pumped up from underground contains minerals that were dissolved into the water as it passed through these various layers.

There is so much iron rust and copper green in the Midwest compared with other parts of the U.S., but it’s not specific to this region. Glaciers that formed the Great Lakes turned the ground upside down, bringing the iron and copper that was once much closer to the core of the earth closer to the earth’s surface. When a pipe is drilled down through the earth to tap into the water below, the dissolved minerals in the water are pumped up with the water and into the shower, where the minerals attach onto the hair and skin.

But why do the minerals attach to the hair? The minerals attach like little magnets. Research at Malibu Wellness has found that more minerals attach onto chemically treated hair than unprocessed hair, and that more minerals attach to blonde hair than dark hair.

For best Total Oxidation Management results, a Malibu Makeover using the popular Crystal Gel Treatment should be used to remove all the buildup, then the Hard Water Wellness Remedy should be used weekly, or as often as desired, to maintain that perfect condition with less frizz, more shine, and much more control.

Hard Water Wellness Remedies are inexpensive and easy to use in the shower. Tear open the packet and sprinkle the crystals evenly into the wet palm. Rub wet hands together to immediately dissolve crystals into a white gel that lathers when applied to the hair. Malibu C Wellness Remedies are safe for everyone and provide dramatic results.

The overwhelming results you see and feel are actually the look and feel of your own hair without elemental buildup on the hair. Individual, ready-to-use packets are convenient and inexpensive, allowing you to make this experience part of your Total Oxidation Management lifestyle. 



Original by: Tom Porter, 2012

Malibu C Founder, President & CEO Tom Porter poses for a photo shoot.

Founder, President, and CEO of Malibu Wellness, Inc. 

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