Welcome to Head Lab®

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Malibu C Head Lab® gives you the tools you need to provide an unrivaled experience for your clients. Head Lab® marries the holistic approaches of Japanese Head Spa with modern science and technology. Scope around and find out.

Head Lab® Foundation

At some point, many of your clients will come to you with questions about hair loss, breakage, or scalp health. Consider the Head Lab® your foundation for success. With detailed consultations and up-close photographs of the condition of their scalp, you’re able to provide details that were formerly missing. 

Malibu C plays nice with everyone. That doesn’t change with Head Lab®. Using Crystal Gel or CPR in the salon helps prepare your canvas for color or chemical services. When we start talking about Head Lab®, you’ll notice it’s much the same. Instead of preparing the hair for chemical services (which it will also do), it prepares your client’s scalp. 

Crystal Gel XL provides a thorough and deep cleanse that creates a pristine environment for other products (medicinal or otherwise). 

Head Lab® not only provides benefits to your clients, it also serves as a way for you to pivot your business (if you so desire). 

All of the benefits of original Crystal Gel remain, including the exceptional mineral-removing properties. Those of you familiar with Malibu C salon products will notice the consistency of Crystal Gel XL to be between the original formula and CPR.

Why Head Lab®?

There are numerous reasons it can benefit you and your guests. From a customer care perspective, Head Lab® allows you to identify and solve problems that your clients can now visualize thanks to the dermoscopic imagery.

Malibu C® solves problems, and our new Head Lab® is no different. By solving problems in this new and exciting way, you’re opening the door for your clients to experience new services with visual results.

Because Head Lab® offers the ability to record your client’s journey, customer loyalty and retention are among the highest benefits. Solving problems that have bothered your clients for any amount of time strengthens your relationship with your guest. Additionally, being able to track your client’s progress with dermoscopic imagery creates a new tier of customer loyalty.

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