The ever-evolving world of beauty continually ushers in new trends, and 2024 is no exception. This year, hair color trends will span from bold and daring to soft and elegant. Among the top picks for 2024, several standout shades are set to dominate salons and streets alike. Let's delve into the trends that are making waves this year and how you can care for them with Malibu C.

1. Cherry Cola Red


Imagine the richness of dark red hues intertwining with hints of brown and purple, reminiscent of the deep tones found in a glass of cherry cola. Cherry Cola Red is a stunning option for those seeking a bold and adventurous look. This multidimensional shade adds depth and warmth, making it a striking choice for those with darker hair tones.

2. Golden Copper


While copper hues are making a statement in various shades, Golden Copper stands out for its fiery and vibrant appeal. This warm, copper-orange tone adds an electrifying dimension to hair, especially under sunlight. Golden Copper is a bold choice that exudes confidence and individuality.

Caring for reds and coppers can be challenging. Malibu C can help. We recommend a Malibu C Crystal Gel in-salon service as often as needed to prep the hair for any color service. Crystal Gel removes minerals, build up and more from the hair that, if not removed, hair color can attach to and dull your new hue. This removal primes the hair canvas to absorb hair color much more readily and ensures longevity. 

 3. Midnight Black


Never going out of style, Midnight Black remains a timeless classic. Its deep, rich tones provide a striking contrast that radiates strength and self-confidence. Whether worn sleek and straight or with added texture, this shade adds a touch of mystery and allure to any look.

4. Peach Fuzz

 Women with blonde bob with peach undertones

 For a softer, ethereal vibe, Peach Fuzz is stealing the spotlight in 2024. Pantone’s Color of The Year 2024, this delicate pastel hue embodies femininity and whimsy. Applied as a full head color or as subtle highlights, Peach offers a playful yet sophisticated option for those looking to embrace a more romantic and dreamy aesthetic.

To keep your dark hue or warm blondes looking shiny, vibrant and beautiful, we recommend using our Malibu C Hydrate Color Wellness Collection. The Collection’s advanced color lock complex protects and extends color vibrancy and longevity.

5. Winter Blonde

 Women with long icy blonde hair

Embracing the lighter end of the spectrum, blonde shades are making heads turn, thanks in part to the popularity of the Barbie movie this past year. This shade conveys elegance and polish with its gorgeous, pale blonde tones. It complements a wide range of skin tones and adds a touch of luminosity, making it a versatile and timeless choice for anyone looking to brighten up their look.

Cool blonde shades such Winter Blonde will benefit from the Malibu Blondes Collection. Cool blondes tend to show mineral buildup as brassy, ashy or muddy tones. The Malibu Blondes Collection breathes new life into blonde tresses by removing minerals and buildup while infusing moisture and shine.

6. Cool-Toned Brunette


Cool-Toned Brunette hues are taking center stage for those who prefer classic sophistication with a modern twist. This color trend involves cooler undertones of brown that create a chic and refined look. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a low maintenance yet effortlessly stylish option.

 7. Mushroom Brown


For those leaning toward understated elegance, Mushroom Brown offers a subtle yet captivating option. This cool-toned, earthy hue combines shades of brown and gray to create a sophisticated and versatile look that can suit a wide range of skin tones.

To keep your cool brunette shades from looking brassy and dull, we recommend the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Collection. Minerals in water, such as magnesium or iron, can build up on hair, causing it to look brassy or muddy. The Hard Water Wellness Collection instantly removes and prevents discoloration, dryness, damage and dullness to reveal your real hair’s unmatched body and shine! 


We think 2024 is an exciting year for hair color trends, offering a diverse array of options to suit every style and personality. From the bold and vibrant Cherry Cola Red to the elegant and timeless Midnight Black, there's a hue to match every mood and occasion. By incorporating Malibu C into your hair care routine, you can maintain the brilliance and longevity of these trends while keeping your hair healthy and vibrant!

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