Malibu MakeOver®
Malibu MakeOver®

Malibu MakeOver®

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Everyone needs a Malibu MakeOver®! This 2-step wellness service, performed exclusively in the salon, transforms tone, texture, vibrancy and strength of hair. The first step is a patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals that activate into a gel to naturally draw out malicious mineral deposits and other impurities from the hair that can prevent hair from performing at its peak and the successful processing of chemical services. The second step is a powerful reconstructor formulated with plant-derived proteins that seek out only hair's weak spots and rebuild only where damage exists, strengthening strands from within for head-turning hair! The Malibu MakeOver provides dramatic results and immediate normalizing and revitalizing of hair and scalp that is oxidized, damaged and/or over-processed. Recommended in conjunction with all salon services on all hair types and all hair conditions. 


Cruelty Free


Plant Based