For Permed Hair

For Permed Hair

Your perm didn’t take – your curls fell out or your body wave waved goodbye. The problem isn't the perm, it's the minerals hiding in your hair. Before perming, remove mineral deposits that have built up on hair from exposure to your water. It’ll fix hair now so perms can’t go wrong later.

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How to Prepare Permed Hair

Helping perms perm and body waves wave is easy.

Create more body from your body wave, true-to-rod size curls from your perm, and silky textured hair from your texturizer without using more chemicals.

  • Draw out mineral buildup from water prior to perming to prevent expensive re-dos
  • Prevent burning, itching and brittleness
  • Enhance moisture retention, improving texture and softness with a wellness remedy
  • Shorter processing time
  • Damage-free curls
  • Strong, soft, silky hair

When you get rid of the minerals and product building up, your hair returns to a more natural state, and your perm or body wave will take better, faster.

Maintain your curls with the Malibu C Curl Wellness collection. The kit contains a daily shampoo, conditioner, and four FREE Curl Partner wellness remedies!

How to Maintain Perfect Curls

  • Gently cleanse with Curl Wellness Shampoo
  • Moisturize with Curl Wellness Conditioner for perfect definition
  • Remove surface minerals once weekly with Curl Partner 

If you’re looking for perfect curls, you need the right curl partner. Curls just want to have fun!


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