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Hard Water Wellness® Collection

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For Hard Water

Your hair feels rough and dry, even when it’s wet. It’s hard to comb. It's dull and lifeless. Color fades quickly, becomes brassy. Why? Hard water is hard on hair. Get rid of hard water effects.

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How to Combat Hard Water

Softening the effects of hard water helps hair go from dull to brilliant.

Detox your hair by removing the minerals that have deposited themselves on each strand.

  • Draw out even hard-to-budge hard water mineral deposits with a crystallized vitamin C wellness remedy
  • Prevent future deposits of malicious minerals while removing discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper
  • Infuse moisture, shine and manageability with a targeted hard water wellness kit containing a daily shampoo and conditioner along with weekly wellness remedies

Purified hair means natural hair, so you get better results with any chemical service including color, highlights, perms, keratin treatments and relaxers.

Your hair will tell when your water is well.

  • Color stays vibrant
  • More manageable and full
  • Silky, easy to comb
  • Dazzling shine

Having hard water is no longer a problem when you have the wellness solution. It could hardly be easier!

Check out this stellar step-by-step "how-to" video of the Malibu C Wellness Solution for Hard Water!


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Malibu C® Hard Water Wellness® Shampoo
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Hard Water Wellness® Shampoo

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Malibu C® Hard Water Wellness Conditioner
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Hard Water Wellness Conditioner

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Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy

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