For Dry Hair

For Dry Hair

Your hair feels dry, yet products you've used that boast "moisturizing" benefits haven't helped. Before you can restore moisture to your hair you first need to naturally remove what's hiding in your hair that's causing it to feel dry.

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How to Treat Dry Hair

It’s not what you put on but what you take off your hair that makes the difference!

Hard water deposits are hard on your hair. When these malicious minerals build up on your hair it makes your hair feel dry.But what you're feeling is the "rock" in your hair.  Add high levels of chlorine (found in most city-treated water) and you have a formula for dry, brittle, dull, frizzy hair. Removing these elements from your hair naturally is the first step to restoring soft, smooth healthy hair with radiant shine.  

  • Get the rock out! Draw out hard water deposits with a wellness remedy
  • Stop oxidative damage caused by chlorinated water
  • Eliminate any discoloration caused by iron or copper buildup
  • Replace with gluten-free proteins and antioxidant vitamins to replenish vital moisture
  • Rebuild hair’s inner structure for body and bounce and vitality
  • Prevent further buildup with a targeted kit containing a daily wellness shampoo and conditioner along with weekly treatments
  • Restore moisture and manageability
  • Reveal natural shine and softness instantly

It’s time for your dry, damaged, frizzy hair to become soft, flowing and silky. Draw out the rock to unlock already present moisture.

Hair will be smooth, lucious; look sexier.

Easier to comb and manage. Absolutely dazzling shine. Say goodbye to dry!

Use our Malibu C Color Wellness Kit for color-treated hair or our Hard Water Wellness Kit for non-chemically treated hair, both contain a daily shampoo, conditioner, and weekly remedies, to maintain and keep dry hair moisturized. 



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