For Dry Hair

For Dry Hair

It doesn't matter if you're using the best shampoo for damaged hair, or the best conditioner for dry hair, your hair feels dry despite using products that boast hydrating benefits. Your dry hair may be the result of what's hiding in your water. Before you restore moisture to your hair, you need to remove what's causing the dryness.

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How to Treat Dry Hair

It’s what you take off your hair that makes the difference, not what you put on your hair!

Hard water is hard on your hair. Hard water minerals and other elements build up on your hair, leading to several issues including dryness. Add high levels of chlorine and you have a formula for dry, brittle, dull, frizzy hair. Naturally removing these elements is your first step to restoring soft, smooth, healthy hair with radiant shine.  

We have a collection for all hair types! Each collection targets oxidation and other causes for dryness. Find yours below:

Malibu C Wellness Collections:

  • Draw out hard water deposits
  • Neutralize chlorine and stop oxidation
  • Eliminate discoloration caused by iron or copper buildup
  • Replenish moisture with antioxidant vitamins
  • Replace lost proteins for bounce and vitality
  • Prevent further buildup
  • Restore manageability
  • Reveal natural shine and softness



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