Head Lab® is innovative. It's exciting. It's groundbreaking. All of this is great, but it's helpful to learn about it! This collection includes three new products and our fave Un-Do-Goo pH >9 Shampoo.

Head Lab® has a handful of new products that we are incredibly excited to share with you. 

  • Crystal Gel XL
  • Miracle Repair with Cooling Menthol
  • Malibu C Digital Scope

Crystal Gel XL

Crystal Gel XL is a brand new product featuring the vitamin C technology you already know and love. You know the OG Crystal Gel is imperative for removing minerals, elements, and even certain medications from the hair to improve your chemical services (and give your clients their dream hair).

Crystal Gel XL is designed for the scalp. Yes, it does have ascorbic acid and chelators like the original, but we took it a step further and added zinc and bentonite.

Zinc is a superior conditioning agent, ideal for soothing and conditioning the scalp. Bentonite increases the pull while also enhancing the texture. Learn more here!

Miracle Repair with Cooling Menthol

Yes, you read that correctly! We've had this in packets for a while now, but Head Lab® required that we up the size and make this product available in a liter! We love our original Miracle Repair Protein Reconstructor, but wanted to one-up ourselves! This one has added menthol to invigorate a few of your senses!

Menthol has a cooling effect, but also serves to soothe the skin. 

The Scope

Wait, what is this? A handheld digital microscope? Yep. The Malibu C Digital Scope is the gamechanger you've been waiting for. How many times have you wanted to show your client what you see on their hair and scalp (or what you know is there, whether you can see it or not)?

This powerful scope allows you to show your clients what is on their scalp — in real time and really close up. It features WiFi connectivity to your device (handheld phone or tablet work best), an incredibly bright LED ring, photo and video capability, and 50- to 1,000-times magnification. 

Using the Scope

Mapping is imperative with the scope. It allows you to compare your client's before with their after. The scope's ability to record photos and video truly allows a connection with your client!

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