Crystal Gel XL has the same vitamin technology you know and love, but we enhanced the formula to provide a more substantial service for your clients. Zinc and bentonite provide a wealth of benefits and a slightly thicker formula. 

All of the benefits of original Crystal Gel remain. When mixing for the first time, you will notice the consistency of Crystal Gel XL to be between the original formula and CPR. Because Crystal Gel XL focuses on the scalp, there are new ways to use it. 

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Much like the CPR formula, the added bentonite in Crystal Gel XL helps draw out impurities. It also enhances the texture of the product, making it ideal for scalp massage. The scalp massage is an important part of the Head Spa techniques that Head Lab® complements. 

The clay is also why the agitator ball is necessary in the mixing bottle, although you can use other methods of mixing that will properly break up the clumps.


Zinc is a super nutrient. It has a long list of benefits that carry across different industries. For us, zinc was an important aspect of the Crystal Gel XL formula due to its conditioning properties (yes, it’s a skin conditioning agent!). The zinc in CGXL provides superior conditioning properties to the scalp. 

Heat or No Heat? 

We realize this can be a little confusing with a new product that so closely resembles two of our all-stars that require heat.

You can use Crystal Gel XL with or without heat depending on the severity of buildup. For mild build up, we recommend processing for 5 minutes (with or without heat). For moderate build up, 5-10 minutes using an even heat source. For severe build up, 10-20 minutes using an even heat source. 

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