There isn’t a single answer. Those of us who dye our hair do so for a variety of reasons and, quite frankly, the “why” is nobody’s business! While fashion vivids may be relatively newer to the mainstream fashion world, dyeing hair is a behavior that’s been around for millennia. 

Whether you dye your hair or not, we’re here for it! With Malibu C Total Oxidation Management, we’ll help you keep your hair healthy, whether it’s bright blue, pastel pink, or beautifully natural brunette. 

Different Cultures, Different Definitions of Beauty

Throughout history, dyeing the hair often mimicked royalty, gods, or art. Ancient Greeks favored reddish-gold locks, while blonde hues were associated with sensuality among the promiscuous elite in ancient Roman and Greek populations. 

Artists across time periods and countries influenced favored dye colors, as well, with people admiring the beautiful humans in various paintings. 

Natural Dye: Botanical, Animal, Mineral and …

Up until the early 1900s, different cultures made their dyes out of various natural ingredients. While plant materials come to mind (they’re still used for coloring various foods, cosmetics, and hair dyes today), animal materials were also used. Unfortunately, people began experimenting with and using dangerous dyes. Lead and sulfuric acid were commonly used, their effects unknown at the time. 

Synthetic Dye: Changing the World of Color

If you’ve colored your hair in the past, chances are you’ve heard of paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This was the first chemical used in hair color and remains a common ingredient today. In the early 20th Century, a French chemist named Eugene Shueller used PPD for the first synthetic dye. 

Although considered safe in certain amounts, PPD toxicity has triggered countries to put strong warnings on products with this ingredient. While it’s still used today, many brands use alternative ingredients.

Color Up! It’s Your Time to Shine

Thankfully, manufacturers have learned from history and use safer materials to create their hair dyes. No more lead combs or sulfuric acid bleaching sessions! Malibu C’s dedication to Total Oxidation Management means you have access to nature-inspired products to help you prepare for color, maintain your color, and keep your hair as healthy as possible throughout the process. If you’re au natural, we have stuff for you, too!

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