Blonding services remain the most popular color service at salons. Whether it’s all-over blonding or a few strategically placed highlights, chances are you have a few questions about the process and maintenance. Going blonde is sometimes easier said than done; the process may take multiple visits and you may have to exercise patience while you’re waiting. Blondes have exceptional maintenance requirements, as well. Bright, silvery blonde on black background

First Things First: Expectations

Going blonde is a process, especially if you have darker hair. When you go in for your consultation with your stylist, discuss your expectations with her and whether or not they’re realistic. Be prepared to be honest - she’ll need to know your hair’s history, routines, and what you’ve put in it (e.g., sun lighteners, box color, professional color, how often you shampoo, medications you take). 

Depending on a few factors, including the condition of your hair and its current color, your stylist may recommend taking it slowly over the course of multiple sessions. This means you’ll likely be a shade of orange on your journey toward blonde. 

Can you go blonde or platinum without damaging your hair? No. The lightening process requires oxidation which is damaging. You can, however, minimize damage when you follow Total Oxidation Management before and after the chemical process. 

Preparation: Healthier Hair for Better Results

Did you know your shower water contains tons of minerals and chemicals? Even softened water has a high presence of minerals and possible chemicals. These minerals attach to your hair like a magnet, creating an invisible threat to your hair’s overall health. These minerals also create a potentially hazardous environment for blonding services. Certain minerals react with the lightener, causing issues ranging from smoking foils to melting hair - yes, you read that correctly. 

Malibu MakeOver Kit with Contents Displayed

Before any chemical service, including lightening, ask your stylist to perform a Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment. This globally recognized treatment removes buildup from the hair, including mineral, metallic, environmental, and medicinal. The removal of these elements prepares your hair for a chemical service and helps ensure predictable results.

Maintenance: Brighter Blondes and Healthier Hair

Blonde is the hardest to maintain. It’s the lightest color and often the most damaged. Malibu C has been the pioneer of wellness within the salon industry with products dedicated to helping you keep your hair as healthy as possible, even when you’ve gone through chemical processes.

Malibu Blondes Collection

The Crystal Gel Treatment is the top option for mineral removal, but it is a salon-only product that requires heat to properly activate. How do you maintain blonde at home? With the Malibu Blondes Collection. This collection contains our vitamin-packed violet shampoo and conditioner, along with the powerfully effective Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy. This little packet has an exclusive vitamin-based formula that removes surface minerals while brightening your blonde hair.

Does your hair need extra protein? Try the Malibu Blondes Mini Malibu Rehab. This duo of products includes a Blondes Wellness Remedy and a packet of our plant-protein & vitamin-packed Miracle Repair Blonde Enhancer.

Malibu C Malibu Blondes Mini Rehab

That’s Total Oxidation Management for blondes! Using this system between salon visits helps maintain lustrous blonde hues while protecting against oxidative damage from your shower and environment. You can perform Malibu Blondes treatments weekly, or as often as needed! Bleached hair needs Malibu Blondes treatments to remain healthy and vibrant. 

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