How can you protect your skin from hard water? Use products dedicated to reducing the effects of hard water, mineral buildup, and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. The Malibu Total Oxidation Management lifestyle helps mitigate harmful oxidizers and elements in your water.

The amount of calcium and magnesium in the water determines its hardness, but these aren’t the only elements hiding in your water. Your home’s water contains numerous minerals, metals, and chemicals -- despite its hardness or softness.

Side effects of hard water on skin include irritation and dryness. Hard water prevents your soap or body wash from properly lathering, while also reducing how much is removed with rinsing. In addition to residual soap and surfactants left on your skin, the minerals and other elements deposit, as well. These deposits effectively absorb water from your skin, increasing dryness and exacerbating certain conditions. Dry skin from hard water is a common negative impact, but it’s not just skin that feels and looks dry; areas with hard water create greater risk for atopic dermatitis, a chronic condition manifesting as red, irritated, and itchy skin.

 Is Soft Water Better for My Skin?

Yes and no. Soft water takes care of the calcium and magnesium using sodium (sometimes potassium), allowing soaps to lather and rinse more effectively. Soft water doesn’t eliminate chlorine, copper, iron, or other elements. These elements still build up on the skin, creating an ideal environment for irritation and dryness.

 What Can I Use to Protect My Skin?

Malibu C created a product line dedicated to reducing the amount of harmful elements in the water, effectively protecting the skin from irritating elements and buildup. Vitamin C Inside/Out incorporates our decades of scientific research and nature-inspired technology to neutralize and mitigate chlorine and other harmful elements. Not only does the pure L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) neutralize and remove oxidizers such as chlorine and chloramines, it also helps lower the pH of your water to avoid alkalinity-based irritations. Sprinkle into your bath water or even in your drinking water! Our Perfection C Serum contains freshly activated vitamin C to help protect the skin from the negative effects of waterborne elements and harmful oxidizing agents. An ultra-hydrating lotion or moisturizer, such as Perfection Vital Crème or Ultra Body Lotion, helps replenish stolen moisture.

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