How $CITY$’s water is affecting the Hair, Scalp & Skin




If your client uses water to shampoo, you need to prep their hair with a Malibu C treatment before every service. Impress your clients with your knowledge and charge them for the service that will guarantee your results are predictable in the salon and lasts outside the salon between visits.

When experts are concerned the water supply might contain contaminants such as illness-causing bacteria, the local government will issue a Boil Water Advisory. The most efficient way to remove these contaminants and kill bacteria is to increase the amount of oxidizers in the water supply, particularly chlorine and chloramines.

So what does a Boil Water Advisory have to do with hair? Quite a lot, actually! The increase in oxidizers creates an effect similar to adding a little bit of bleach with every shampoo -- not enough to lighten hair, but enough to cause serious effects on the health and beauty of the hair. The higher the pH of the water, the more the cuticle will open resulting in a deeper bond between the minerals and hair. Symptoms of mineral buildup include:

  • Dry or brittle hair
  • Dull or brassy blondes (including highlights)
  • Color services will not yield the desired results