For Sunburn

For Sunburn

You love the sun. It feels good on your face and body. And it gives you that wonderful tan, right? Not always. It can also give you sunburn, a burn that ranges from uncomfortable to painful and it can lead to skin damage. You want something to soothe away the hot pain, keep your skin moisturized and prevent the damage that can occur from a burn. Our natural wellness approach can eliminate the burn, make your skin feel soft and smooth, help prevent peeling, and the potential for further damage.

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How To Treat Sunburns

Fun in the sun doesn’t have to be done 

A sunburn is your skin’s way of telling you that it’s hyper-oxidized. The damaging rays of the sun can create free radicals, causing inflammation, peeling and premature aging. Our Total Oxidation Management approach helps stop the oxidative damage from free radicals that form from sunburn and deplete skin’s natural antioxidants of vitamin C and vitamin E. Two steps, two minutes, two times a day can provide immediate relief.

  • Step one: Pour the 12% crystallized vitamin C into the 1% zinc based serum to activate its power. This clinically proven mix now contains the highest concentration of pure antioxidant vitamin C. That’s high-octane help for your inflamed, free radical-ravaged skin.
    • Defend against oxidative damage
    • Normalize exfoliation and help reduce redness
    • Reveal your beautiful, “unburned” skin
    • Help prevent peeling
  • Step two: Smooth on our luscious advanced wellness moisturizer with panthenol and chamomile to soothe plus 5% natural vitamin E in a “smart” formula to help normalize skin cells for a healthier look

Dive into your summer and to any sport knowing you have the protection your skin needs to stay healthy.

The sport of caring for your skin is a win every time!

If you’re out in the sun a lot, you need protection. A broad spectrum sunscreen will help. And following a Total Oxidation Management approach to your skin care regimen can to help skin that’s sunburned find relief and help prevent further skin damage.

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