For Stretch Marks

For Stretch Marks

So you have stretch marks. And you hate them. They’re right up there with having cellulite. They may be because you recently had a baby, or lost a great deal of weight. They may even be hereditary. Did we say you hate them? You do. But we can help improve the appearance just two steps, two minutes, two times a day.  

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How To Improve the Appearance Stretch Marks

There’s no stretch in our approach to stretch marks

Employ a wellness lifestyle approach to address stretch marks, one that includes our pure, nature-identical, freshly activated vitamin C and pure natural vitamin E. Together these gifts from nature visibly improve the appearance of skin.

  • Step one: Activate the delivery system of our 12% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), the most potent, pharmaceutical level of vitamin C available without preservatives, to deliver the free radical scavenging benefits that help improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • Step two: Follow with our superior, wellness moisturizer formulated with pure, natural vitamin E, pro vitamin B5, organic aloe, shea butter, and pure essential oils
  • Promote healthy skin regeneration
  • Mist skin for a boost of hydration retention with moisture containing antioxidant-rich grape seed extract and pro vitamin B5

If you have stretch marks, don’t despair. We can help soften and smooth the appearance so the only mark you have is one of beauty.

That’s a difference you can C!

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