For Hair Loss

For Hair Loss

You notice it every time your shower. Clumps of hair in the drain. When you brush your hair, the brush is fuller than your mane. When you blow dry, the amount of hair on the floor seems to rival what’s on your head. Are you losing your mind, or are you losing your hair?

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How to Prevent Hair Loss

Focusing on the scalp can help prevent hair loss, naturally

Eliminating free radicals and normalizing exfoliation gets to the root of hair loss.

  • Remove and prevent the buildup of minerals that can accumulate on the scalp and clog roots
  • Unplug hard water residues that can cause hair to break off
  • Promote a healthy scalp with a wellness remedy infused with vitamin B, niacin and biotin; no harsh ingredients
  • Encourage stronger hair from the root with a kit containing a scalp wellness shampoo and conditioner plus weekly treatments to maintain healthier tresses

Hair loss can be caused by a number of issues, including androgenic alopecia. For more information, please visit our scalp solution pages.

Hair that is stronger, feels fuller

  • Thicker, sexier
  • Run-your-fingers-through-it gorgeous

Help prevent hair loss by getting to the root of the problem. With Malibu C wellness remedies for the scalp.


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