For Dry Skin

For Dry Skin

No matter how much you moisturize, your skin still looks and feels dry. Understanding the causes for dry skin and how to correct them allows you to take control. Employing our Total Oxidation Management approach helps replenish vital moisture to your skin while scavenging damaging free radicals. 

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How to Treat Dry Skin

Bye-bye, dry! 

By using two targeted steps that take just two minutes, twice each day, you'll give your skin what it's craving. It begins with pure, nature-identical, freshly activated 12% vitamin C, a vital ingredient that ramps up the fight against free radicals, and vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin.

  • Defend against oxidative damage caused by exposure to environmental aggressors 
  • Penetrate deeply into skin to replenish vital moisture and improve skin’s smoothness with our vitamin E-rich wellness moisturizer

Total Oxidation Management is a wellness approach that focuses on stopping the effects of oxidation from environmental aggressors, including the sun, wind, your shower water, and pollution.

Give your dry, irritated skin the drink it needs

Addressing the factors that cause dry skin, including the reduction of skin’s natural oils, improves your skin’s ability to absorb and maintain moisture.

  • Scavenge free radicals that cause oxidation
  • Provide a barrier of protection against further oxidation
  • Deliver vital moisture


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