For Damaged Hair

For Damaged Hair

Dry. Brittle. Limp. Dull. Damaged. Do any of these describe your hair? Your hair endures a lot of abuse. Coloring, straightening, heat styling, and environmental stressors all pack a punch against your hair. Repair the damage with a wellness remedy made specifically for damaged hair.

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How to Combat Damaged Hair

Strengthen from within for immediate repair

Repairing damaged hair takes a miracle. Malibu C's exclusive smart technology combines gluten-free, plant-derived proteins with exceptional vitamins to strengthen from within. Miracle Repair seeks out hair's weak spots and repairs only where the damage has occurred.

  • Feed hair antioxidant vitamins B5 and E to help replenish vital moisture
  • Eliminate breakage and dry split ends by stopping oxidation before it can cause damage
  • Repair with gluten-free, plant-derived proteins to restore shine and bounce
Help damaged hair by repairing it. Sound simple? It is. 

Fragile hair becomes strong and luxurious

  • Hydrated
  • Full of body and bounce
  • Smooth with brilliant shine


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