For Curls

For Curls

Your curls define you, so define your curls! Whether your hair lays in beachy waves or is tightly coiled, you know it needs special attention. The best curl products have enough weight to define, but are light enough to showcase each individual curl. Buildup weighs down curls and reduces the natural shine; it's time to set your curls free and let them do their thing!

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Curl-Specific Care

Eliminating Unwanted Buildup and Defining Your Curls

Your shower deposits minerals and other elements into your hair, which eventually buildup and wreak havoc. Frizz? Discoloration? Lackluster definition? Yeah, you guessed it - minerals are likely the culprit! In addition, many conditioners are too light to define, or too heavy and pull your curls out. Where's that perfect in-between?

Malibu C Curl Wellness Collection contains our curl-specific shampoo and conditioner, along with Curl Partner Wellness Remedies. The remedy assists in removing surface minerals from your hair, allowing your curls to flourish. 

Malibu C Curl Partner Wellness Remedy: The power's in the packet!

  • Removes surface buildup for improved color and elasticity
  • Prepares hair for chemical service for longer-lasting curls

Curl Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • Gently cleanses
  • Exclusive sulfate-free surfactant technology
  • Conditions without weighing down curls for improved definition
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Immediately improves manageability and shine



Cruelty Free


Plant Based

Elevate Your Wellness Routine