For Color-Treated Hair

For Color-Treated Hair

Leave the salon and it begins. Your brand-new color starts to age and fade. Your glorious locks turn brassy, muddy, ashy, dull. That incredible shine? It seems to have washed away. Keep color and shine where it belongs by preparing, protecting and preserving color-treated hair before, during and after color treatment!

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How to Perfect Color-Treated Hair

Keeping color stronger, longer is easier than you think

All you need is a wellness solution.

Prepare. Where long-lasting color begins and color saboteurs are stopped. (Learn more!).

  • Insure max color absorption with a crystallized antioxidant wellness remedy to remove color-blocking elements, such as mineral deposits
  • Speed up processing time for color that stays stronger, longer

Protect. Where color-guards confront environmental aggressors.

  • Preserve color and sustain ultimate manageability with a powerful shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair
  • Defend color-treated hair from sun, wind and pollution

Preserve. Keep color strong and give hair a flair.

  • Treat hair to tremendous moisture from vitamins and nutrients with weekly at-home repair
  • Strengthen hair from the inside out

Beautiful color-treated hair from roots to tips returns!

Turn heads with hair color that’s rich, fresh, full of body and bounce, and absolutely brilliant, boasting sunglass-wearing shine. That’s Color Wellness! Try it to flaunt it!

Check out this step-by-step "how-to" video for the Malibu C Wellness Solution to color-treated hair! 

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