For Blondes & Highlights

For Blondes & Highlights

Your hair is limp and dull, your highlights are brassy, not bright. Your everyday products aren't brightening your blonde or improving shine. It’s not your hair that’s holding you back, it’s the elements in your everyday environment that are sabotaging your efforts. To prevent limp, dry, and discolored locks, get to the root of the problem and bring your blonde back to its original beauty.

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How to Restore Brilliant Color and Shine

Pump up the volume and shine while removing brassy, muddy, and green hues

Remove hidden environmental toxins, damaging water deposits, and heavy product buildup with the Malibu Blondes Collection.

  • Stop oxidation from harsh chemicals, such as chlorine 
  • Draw out damaging mineral deposits that weigh hair down 
  • Eliminate the product buildup that makes hair dull and lifeless
  • Boost body with the intelligent technology of plant-derived proteins that seek out only hair’s weak, lifeless strands

Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and say hello to the hair you’ve always wanted.

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