[Indianapolis, IN] – Malibu C, the trailblazing hair wellness brand, is proud to announce the official launch of the Malibu Metaversity, a groundbreaking virtual educational hub designed to empower stylists and consumers alike with comprehensive knowledge about Malibu C products.

With nearly four decades of science-based expertise in addressing water issues on hair, scalp, and skin, featuring their natural dried vitamin technologies, Malibu C marks a significant milestone in their commitment to education and excellence in hair care. Malibu Metaversity offers a cutting-edge virtual learning environment where stylists can elevate their skills and expertise through specialized courses tailored to the industry's unique needs. This platform provides a central hub for stylists to immerse themselves in the art and science of hair care, focusing on mastering the use of Malibu C's renowned products.

Homepage of the Malibu Metaversity

 Key features include certifications in Total Oxidation Management (T.O.M), Head Lab, and Corrective Color courses. The Metaversity offers a range of specialized classrooms dedicated to each of Malibu C's collections. These include Scalp, Color, Blondes, Curls, Wefts + Extensions, Hard Water, and Swimmers.

 Brittany Cook, Global Executive Education Manager, said, “The Education Team has relentlessly dedicated itself to the meticulous preparation of our cutting-edge Malibu C educational platform: Malibu Metaversity. This interactive virtual world, featuring FAQs, how-to videos, certifications, and more, is set to redefine industry standards and propel the pursuit of knowledge to unprecedented heights.”

 This free platform, available on the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, or on desktop, offers a range of courses to meet the diverse educational needs of stylists and consumers alike. Stay at the forefront of innovation by regularly exploring Malibu Metaversity as we frequently introduce new educational content to enhance your learning experience. For more information and to explore the course catalog, visit Malibu Metaversity.


About Malibu C: Founded in 1985, Malibu C is a leading brand of hair care solutions for salon professionals worldwide. With a commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients and the latest scientific innovations, Malibu C products are designed to provide exceptional results for all hair types and styles.

 For more information about Malibu C and its latest products, visit www.malibuc.com.

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