April 2, 2024 - Malibu C, a leading provider of wellness products, is excited to announce its groundbreaking initiative towards sustainability with the introduction of their new EcoBlu® bottles. Malibu C is taking innovative steps to reduce its environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly practices.

Traditional plastics can take centuries to biodegrade, contributing to the accumulation of waste in landfills and oceans. Malibu C is committed to changing this narrative by reducing the biodegradation time of its bottles to just years, a significant improvement from traditional plastics which can take several centuries.

"Our mission at Malibu C is simple: to research, develop, and manufacture earth-friendly wellness products," said Loretta Mottram, CEO. "We understand the critical role packaging plays in our business, and we're excited to announce our transition to EcoBlu bottles as part of our sustainability efforts."

The EcoBlu bottles are made from 98% recycled materials, including REPREVE® Our Ocean® ocean-bound plastics and REPREVE® post-consumer recycled plastics. Malibu C is committed to ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the entire lifecycle of its products. REPREVE is the only eco-fiber embedded with FiberPrint®, a proprietary tracer technology, enabling product origins to be verified with U TRUSTTM verification to certify traceability.

The EcoBlu bottles also contain Eco-One® technology which enhances biodegradation. In fact, independent ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills on representative packages have shown 60.6% biodegradation in 388 days!

"Addressing the end-of-life phase of our products is just as important as their creation," explained Mottram. "With Eco-One® technology, we're not only reducing the lifespan of our bottles but also creating biogas that can be used as renewable energy sources."

Malibu C is the first U.S. hair care brand to combine REPREVE® and Eco-One® technology together in their bottles and is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry.

"We're passionate about leading the way towards sustainability in everything we do," concluded Mottram. "Our partnership with REPREVE® and Eco-One® is just the beginning. We invite everyone to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future."

For more information about Malibu C's sustainability efforts, REPREVE® and Eco-One®, please visit www.malibuc.com/sustainability.


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