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“Highlights and natural blonde hair do not fade.”

“Oh, yes they do!”, you’re probably thinking, but the simple fact remains: Highlights and natural blonde hair do not fade.

Then why do highlights become muddy, losing shine and vibrancy just weeks after a service? Why does blonde hair become dull or brassy even when products formulated especially for blondes are used? Why do natural blondes pay high prices to add highlights, only to be frustrated when they become dull not long after? Why should anyone’s hair suffer needless damage from over-processing or repeating services that should last longer than they do?


Nearly three-quarters of the homes (and salons) in this country have tap water loaded with invisible, dissolved minerals that stick to hair like little magnets. No shampoo can remove all these “rocks," and when minerals such as calcium form a coating on the hair, they absorb or scatter light rather than reflecting it. The result? Dull, faded-looking hair.

There Must be an Answer!

There is, with Malibu Total Oxidation Management. Every blonde can have brighter hair in less than 5 minutes by simply removing this thin coating of rocks. Malibu C Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy is based on Malibu’s patented fresh-dried vitamin technology. Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy is a treatment you use at home in the shower. The fresh-dried crystals dissolve with water in the palms of the hands to create a foamy lather with freshly activated vitamins and synergistic ingredients for fast results. Hair becomes immediately vibrant and clean with full body and movement. 

“'WOW' in Less than 5 Minutes”! 

That’s what we hear from customers who use our Malibu Blondes Remedy sachet. They contain food- and pharmaceutical-grade compounds that are free of sulfates, preservatives, and fragrance. Malibu Blondes may be the best value for the best results in the entire haircare industry! Everything you’re looking for!

What about discoloration and really damaged hair?  

Simple! You may not realize it, but you might have so much oxidized buildup on your hair that you need a professional treatment under heat using the Malibu Crystal Gel and Miracle Repair protein reconstructor. This two-step service is called A Malibu MakeOver. One Malibu MakeOver in the salon will return even the worst hair to its beautiful glory. Following a Malibu MakeOver, the Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy or the Malibu Blondes Mini Malibu Rehab will be perfect at-home maintenance for the most brilliant blondes. The shampoo and conditioner are supplemental products to the remedy sachets and complete the at-home routine for shiny, healthy, and vibrant blondes.

Since 1985, Tom Porter has been the founder and president of Malibu Wellness, Inc, manufacturer of Malibu C Wellness Products. As a researcher, formulator, and educator, Tom began exploring the uses of the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C in personal care products in 1981. He is the pioneer of the fresh-activated form of vitamin C that is found in the internationally recognized Malibu Makeover. With more than thirty-five years of research and development, Malibu C continues to lead education to influence cosmetologists, estheticians, medical professionals, and consumers worldwide to embrace a wellness lifestyle.

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