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The hair, scalp and skin wellness company has shifted resources to provide hand sanitizer to hospitals and salon professionals amid virus outbreak

On Monday Malibu C Wellness, Inc. announced it would make hand sanitizers available to salon professionals and their clients, hospitals, and large facilities in need.

So how is it that a company can move so quickly and supply hand sanitizer when it’s needed most?

Malibu Wellness, Inc. is recognized as the “Pioneer of Wellness in the Beauty Industry.” For 35 years, the Malibu C brand has been the go-to for salon professionals to gently and safely solve problems for the hair and skin with wellness ingredients. As the first company to use Vitamin C on the hair, scalp and skin, the Malibu C products have been a game changer for salon professionals.

What most people don’t know is that Malibu C, a family and employee-owned company, manufactures its products in the U.S. They have been removing impurities from water, hair, skin, and scalp for years.

This month it became obvious the Malibu world was changing as the COVID-19 virus began spreading throughout the US. Rather than retreat and release all the employees, Tom Porter, the President/Founder knew he had an alcohol license required to manufacture hair spray. He called an urgent meeting with the executive team and shared his vision to use bottles and other components in the warehouse to start manufacturing hand sanitizer. The team agreed and execution of their plan began.

Because Malibu C has been selling the Original Vitamin C Skincare through dermatologists and other medical professionals for many years, selling to hospitals and other medical professionals could serve a very important audience.

The name CUR8 came to be because of a trademark that was never used. Fittingly, Curate is defined as “looking after and preserving.” Along with 68% ethyl alcohol, the formulation contains Vitamin E, aloe, a food-grade antiseptic and glycerin. A food-grade moisturizer would be added to the thickening agent with an organic compound to adjust the pH for stability.

The two challenges Malibu C faced was the lack of alcohol to kill the germs and the availability of packaging. However, after talking with raw ingredient suppliers, Malibu C was able to secure over 100,000 pounds of alcohol in anticipation of the needs for hospitals and salons.

For hospitals and large facilities, Malibu C has been able to purchase half-gallon bottles to refill existing bottles of hand sanitizers. Fortunately, Malibu C had purchase orders already in motion for labels. Instead of printing the usual shampoo and conditioner labels, new art was sent and CUR8 labels were made available within days. 

Malibu C was producing and shipping CUR8 Hand Sanitizers to salons and hospitals throughout the US—All within one week of the initial vision.

There is no purchase limit for salon professionals and their clients. Malibu C is working to ensure it continues to provide important products as long as the COVID-19 virus is a threat.

Malibu Wellness continues to be a leader in innovation and is known to be quick at responding to needs. “Our mission statement is to solve problems for people all over the world,” Porter said. “This is just another example of when scientific technologies are combined with understanding of the processes necessary for effective change, the result can shift an organization internally to have a positive impact.” The production of CUR8 Hand Sanitizer qualifies Malibu Wellness as an Essential Business which will keep the company open and provide the opportunity for employees to continue to earn a paycheck.

Malibu C CUR8 is now available at MalibuC.com


About Malibu Wellness:

As the Pioneers of Wellness Solutions in the Beauty Industry since 1985, Malibu C’s mission statement has been tried and true: to solve problems for every human being, using nature-inspired, patented technologies. Malibu C is a solution-driven professional hair and skin care brand based in science, not marketing hype.

For more information about Malibu C, visit www.malibuc.com. For more information regarding the launch of our CUR8 hand sanitizer email mariana@taylorpond.com