Total Oxidation Management



TOTAL OXIDATION MANAGEMENT (TOM) is a lifestyle approach that combines the use of topically applied freshly activated antioxidant vitamins along with making smart choices that minimize your overexposure to oxidizing elements. But before you can make these lifestyle changes, you first need to understand what “oxidizing” means and how it causes you to age.

Oxidation is the end result of exposure to oxygen (which is all around you), compounded by constant and intermittent, aggressive exposure to elements such as wind, water or sun.

Oxidation affects our appearance. A typical example of oxidation on an object is rust on iron. A better example of how oxidation affects our bodies can be compared to repeated washing of a favorite shirt. You probably want that shirt to last and look new as long as it can.

Eventually, however, through repeated washing and drying, the shirt will begin to fade and wear out. Think of your skin and hair like the fabric of that shirt: while outside elements will begin to wear it down, how you care for it depends on how good it looks and how long it lasts.

And this is where TOTAL OXIDATION MANAGEMENT comes in. If oxidation is causing you to age faster, then it just makes sense that you need to manage that oxidation. Free radicals, the culprits that cause aging, are created by oxidation.

Sunburn is a typical example of free radical damage caused by oxidation. Overexposure to sun causes free radicals to form on your skin. Free radicals are unhealthy molecules missing an electron which try to steal one from other, healthy molecules. In doing so, free radicals create more dysfunctional molecules, and that leads to unhealthy cells, which results in skin appearing old. The purpose of TOTAL OXIDATION MANAGEMENT is to prevent the formation of free radicals and to help normalize existing free radicals to prevent them from spreading.


WELLNESS is lifestyle approach that includes regular activities which promote longevity in order to make things last longer. For example, in hair care and skin care, this means longer lasting color, longer lasting youthful skin, and longer lasting healthy hair and skin cells.

WELLNESS includes both prevention and maintenance by using ingredients that are consistent with nature’s approach. By using nature’s own methods, you can both prevent or minimize damage to the hair or skin, or if damage exists (such as over-oxidized hair, flaking of the scalp, wrinkling of the skin), we recommend a WELLNESS approach to helps correct the problem or damage.

As you read earlier, this site provides a unique perspective called TOTAL OXIDATION MANAGEMENT. The understanding of how oxidation from your environment and the salon environment affects your external body can help you control conditions of the hair, scalp and skin by taking a WELLNESS approach. Our goal is to provide you with TOTAL OXIDATION MANAGEMENT so that you will be able to better manage oxidation, resulting in long-term healthy hair, scalp, and skin.

By clicking on a specific condition on this site, you will better understand the cause of the condition and the corresponding WELLNESS approach to helps control and normalize the condition.


In the salon and at home, every Wellness Solution includes a Wellness Treatment using naturally derived, freshly-activated antioxidant vitamins for immediate results. 

  • Hair Solutions begin with an in-salon Malibu MakeOver or the appropriate Malibu C Wellness Treatment.
  • Scalp Solutions begin with an in-salon or at home Malibu C Scalp Therapy Wellness Treatment
  • Skin Solutions begin with an in-salon facial and body wellness treatment using Malibu C Transparent C or Matcha Masque.

If you have any questions once you have read the content, go to Contact Us and click  “Ask a Wellness Expert”.


Benefits of Vitamin E and Vitamin C for the Hair and Scalp:

  • Acts as a protective barrier against damaging free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays, pollution and wind
  • Helps stop and prevent further oxidation of chemicals used in perming, relaxing and coloring that can cause breakage, itchiness, and flaking
  • Vitamin C helps to remove minerals and oxidizers while closing the cuticle to promote shiny, healthy hair
  • Vitamin E replenishes moisture to hair
  • Helps to improve the appearance of symptoms associated with scalp conditions
  • Can help prevent the oxidation of testosterone - a major cause of hair loss

Benefits of Vitamin E and Vitamin C for the Skin:

  • Helps improve the appearance of skin for a more healthy, radiant look
  • Helps normalize the natural exfoliation rate of skin
  • Helps to protect skin against  UV rays that cause oxidative damage leading to premature signs of aging and inflammatory conditions
  • Promotes healthy cell renewal
  • Vitamin E helps soften skin
  • Vitamin E improves smoothness of skin