Sustainability FAQ

Where can I find a biologically active landfill near me?

Visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website and scroll down to the National Map of LFG (Landfill Gas) Energy Projects map to locate the different types of landfills near you:

Is the product made from oxo-degradable plastic?

No. Oxo-degradable plastics require oxygen and UV light or heat to initiate degradation and thus will not biodegrade in landfills. Our product does not require either UV light or oxygen to biodegrade and will biodegrade at any depth in landfills.

Do your products made with the organic additive have a limited shelf life?

No. Unlike both PLA and Oxo products, the additive has a very long shelf life and products made with it have the same shelf life as they would have had without it. 

Will these bottles break down and start biodegrading while I'm using them?

No. For the product to break down it needs to attract bacteria that are present in landfills. The active microbes in food or dairy products or hair care products are not the same “super” colony microbes you find in landfills, composting sites or wastewater sludge plants.

How long does it take these products to biodegrade in landfills?

Independent ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills on representative packages have shown 60.6% biodegradation in 388 days. It is important to note that biodegradation will begin and will continue leading to significant bio-assimilation, shortening the time span the product would have occupied the landfill space from hundreds of years to just years.

Can I recycle your bottles instead of putting them in a landfill?

Yes! Our bottles are recyclable as well as biodegradable.

Are the caps, pumps and labels biodegradable or recyclable?

Not at this time. You must remove the caps, pumps and labels from the EcoBlu bottles and discard.

Are the microbes that “eat” the bottles added to the landfill?

Microbes play a vital role globally. They inhabit diverse environments like soil, oceans, and human bodies to facilitate nutrient cycling and biodegradation processes. Landfills all around the world are rich in microbial activity and are utilized to create renewable energy by companies such as Waste Management in the US. Find landfills near you here: