Head Spa Wellness System

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(1) Spa Mist ($3850 value)
(1) Treatment Cap Pack of 2 ($190 value)
(6) Head Lab Intros – includes 2 CG-XL, 1 UDG Liter, 1 MR Menthol Liter, 1 Scope, 1 Decal value ($996.90)
(6) Corrective Color Toolbox – includes 1-Color Disruptor 9oz, 1-Quick Fix, 1-De-Ox, 1-Crystal Gel, 1-CPR, 1-DDL XL, 1-UDG Liter value ($1,117.80)
(6) Scalp Mini-Rehab Boxes of 12 (Retail) ($252 value)
(6) Malibu C Capes ($210 value)
(2 Each) – Boxes of 12 of Scalp, HW, Swim, Blondes, Color Prepare, Curl Partner, Wefts (Retail) ($327 value)
(6) Scalp Collections ($102 value)
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