For Wounds

For Wounds

Whether caused by a sudden trauma, such as a cut from an accident or surgery, or by chemical services to treat over-oxidized skin conditions, a wound can be something that heals completely or becomes a permanent new "sign" of trauma on your body. Whether caused by sudden trauma, such as a cut from an accident or surgery or even by chemical services to treat over-oxidized skin conditions, a would can be can heal completely or it can become a permanent new sign of trauma to your body.  Depending on the severity, a wound can take days, weeks or even months to heal. Our Total Oxidation Management approach can help in all stages of wound healing, helping skin renew itself.

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How to Treat Wounds

If you’re wounded, we can help you begin to heal

Attacking the affected area of your skin starts with our gentle but powerful sulfate-free cleanser followed by our targeted 12% L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) antioxidant and 1% zinc antibacterial, along with 5% vitamin E in its purest, most clinical form to help your skin through the healing process while preventing scar formation.

  • Protect skin with a fresh-activation delivery system of the purest and most potent, pharmaceutical level vitamin C
  • Defend against oxidative damage caused by environmental aggressors like sun and wind that may enter the skin during the healing process as a wound usually exposes skin layers below the protective stratum corneum layer
  • Promote healthy skin regeneration
  • Calm inflammation

Apply our oil-free wellness moisturizer with a “smart” formula including chamomile and jojoba to condition and moisturize. Our intelligent technology understands your skin’s sensitivity, normalizing sebum distribution while balancing oil production … all without drying

  • Supplement with our advanced wellness moisturizer formulated with pure vitamin E, in a clinical dose, to help inhibit scar tissue formation (Clinical Research)

You help normalize skin affected by a wound with the power of vitamin C, vitamin E, pro vitamin B5 and zinc.


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