For Waxing Irritation

For Waxing Irritation

When you wax, you remove unwanted hair but you can also cause irritation on your skin. That’s because pulling hairs out at the root inflames the follicle, an inflammation that shows up on your skin. When exposed to sun, wind and other pollutants, it gets worse. Our wellness approach called Total Oxidation Management can help soothe your inflamed skin.

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How to Treat Waxing Irritation

Maxing the appeal of waxing 

When you use a wellness approach, you can soothe inflamed skin. It starts by cleansing with our exclusive sulfate-free blend of gentle ingredients to get skin in the ideal condition to receive the natural anti-inflammatory properties of pure, nature-identical vitamin C, a vital antioxidant that ramps up the fight against free radicals. Two steps. Two minutes. Two times a day.

  • Step one: Our 12% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is crystallized to eliminate the need for preservatives. Once activated inside with our smart technology zinc based serum, the result is pure genius. Reduced inflammation, clear, absolutely stunning skin even after waxing. Try it to believe it.
  • Step two: Apply our pro vitamin B5 oil-free wellness moisturizer with a “smart” formula and intelligent technology directly to affected area to penetrate quickly, soothing the burn and helping skin to feel better faster

If you wax, you need a wellness approach to keep your skin smooth and soothed.

A wellness solution that gives you a leg up on soft, smooth, sexy skin

Our wellness solution can:

  • Keep waxed skin soft
  • Quench and nourish skin with pro vitamin B5
  • Reduce itching and calm irritation
  • Give you the skin you’ve been dreaming about: soft and smooth.

With Malibu C, beauty has legs.


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Plant Based

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