For Thinning Hair

For Thinning Hair

You notice it every time your shower. Clumps of hair in the drain. When you brush, the brush is fuller than your mane. When you blow dry, the amount of hair on the floor seems to rival what’s on your head. Your hair is getting thin, and it may not be genetics. It may be that your follicles are clogged.

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How to Treat Thinning Hair

Get to the root of the thinning hair problem

Mineral buildup from hard water can accumulate at the roots.

  • Draw out hidden saboteurs (learn more!) like calcium/lime that can build up on the scalp, clog the roots, and inhibit new hair growth
  • Normalize exfoliation with a vitamin B-infused natural wellness treatment to help increase blood flow to the scalp
  • Gently cleanse and condition daily with a kit containing a scalp-targeting wellness shampoo and conditioner that are both free of harsh, irritating ingredients along with weekly natural treatments to restore luster, shine and thickness
  • Ensure a healthier scalp environment because of vitamin E, amino acids, plant-derived proteins and aloe
  • Rebuild hair’s inner structure for a stronger, thicker look and feel

Thin hair can become thicker hair, naturally!

  • Fuller hair that starts at the scalp
  • Run-your-fingers-through-it gorgeous

Thin is definitely NOT in with the Malibu C hair solution for thinning hair.


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