For Skin Tags And Bumps

For Skin Tags And Bumps

Tag! You’re it. Unfortunately there’s nothing childish if you have skin tags or bumps. These tiny, benign growths often appear on the eyelids, neck, arm pits, chest and groin, and they’re most likely caused by years of exposure to the sun’s oxidizing rays. They’re not dangerous but they’re annoying. There are traditional approaches like freezingtying off or cutting off that can cause irritation and may even leave a scar. Our wellness approach using Total Oxidation Management is a non-invasive, non-irritating approach.  It’s just two steps … two minutes … two times a day.

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How to Treat Skin Tags And Bumps

Skin wellness made E-C!  

Using a wellness approach to treat skin tags and bumps begins with our nature-identical 12% L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) antioxidant and 5% pure, natural vitamin E to normalize the skin affected by the tag or bump causing it to simply fall off!

  • Activate the delivery system of the purest and most potent, pharmaceutical level vitamin C to deliver powerful free radical scavenging benefits
  • Follow up with our advanced wellness moisturizer formulated with pure vitamin E to defend skin against environmental aggressors that can cause further oxidative damage leading to abnormalities like skin tags
  • Promote normal, healthy cell regeneration, all while helping reduce and prevent premature signs of aging

Tags and bumps may occur naturally as you age. But you can fight them naturally as well, and keep your skin smooth, soft and youthful.

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Ridding your skin of tags and bumps can take time but you’ll have no scars and the natural melanin of skin will be maintained. Within a few weeks or a few months the tag will begin to harden and almost appear like a scab before literally falling off. It will be like the tag was never there. That’s the wellness approach.  

That’s Total Oxidation Management from Malibu C!


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