For Post Radiation

For Post Radiation

If you’ve had radiation treatment for cancer, you’ve most likely experienced burns in the area of the treatment. Even though radiation specifically targets the cancer, one of the unintended victims is your skin. It can become inflamed, and sores can form. Treating these conditions with a wellness solution designed to halt oxidative damage and begin to repair the damage is what our Total Oxidation Management approach can do to help. 

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How to Improve Skin Appearance Post Radiation Treatments

Treating radiation burns to soothe and smooth  

Utilizing a wellness approach can immediately stop the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, helping to reduce inflammation and sensitivity. It happens because of the natural anti-inflammatory properties of pure, nature-identical vitamin C.

  • Activate the delivery system of our 12% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), the most potent, pharmaceutical level of vitamin C available, to deliver the free radical scavenging benefits that help soothe and improve the appearance of symptoms associated with post radiation
  • Follow up with our advanced wellness moisturizer formulated with pure vitamin E to defend skin against environmental aggressors that can cause further oxidative damage
  • Promote health skin regeneration and collagen synthesis to accelerate wound healing


If you have suffered burns or sores following radiation, we can help you find the soothing relief you seek. It starts with vitamin C crystals to reduce inflammation.

Help for post radiation inflammation

A wellness solution can:

  • Replenish natural hydration to soften, soothe and moisturize
  • Seal in moisture and hydration
  • Help prevent exposure to bacteria and prevent irritation
  • Reduce any fluid released from inflamed tissue

We can help improve the appearance of your skin following radiation treatments. Research proves it; Malibu C confirms it.


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