For Melasma

For Melasma

You have a skin condition with tan or brown patches on your cheeks, nose, forehead and even upper lip. It may be caused by pregnancy. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as pregnancy mask. But it may also be caused by UV oxidation because the sun stimulates melanin production and excess melanin production leads to darkened areas of skin. Chemical peels or other cosmetic treatments can actually make the condition worse. If it’s caused by pregnancy, it may disappear after pregnancy. If not, our Total Oxidation Management solution, with pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C to inhibit melanin production, may help.

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How To Improve the Appearance of Skin Affected By Melasma

Taking the mask off

Total Oxidation Management is a non-irritating, non-invasive approach to help improve the appearance of skin affected by melasma. By utilizing our wellness solution, rather than bleaching agents that can worsen the condition, you can immediately stop the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It happens because of the natural power of pure, nature-identical vitamin C.

  • Activate the delivery system of our 12% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), the most potent level of vitamin C available without preservatives, to deliver the free radical scavenging benefits that help inhibit melanin production to fade pigmentation patches
  • Follow with our advanced wellness moisturizer formulated with pure vitamin E – the strength needed to properly defend skin against environmental aggressors that can cause further oxidative damage
  • Promote healthy skin regeneration and collagen synthesis
  • Normalize the natural exfoliation rate of skin

Your skin can be beautiful

Natural treatments packed with vitamin C and vitamin E can:

  • Help inhibit melanin production
  • Scavenge free radicals
  • Reduce the appearance of melasma
  • Give you back healthy skin!


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