For Keratosis

For Keratosis

If you have growths on your skin, different than a mole, you may have Keratosis. There are four types: actinic keratosiskeratosis pilarisseborrheic keratosis and comedones. They’re often categorized by lesions, red bumps, large freckle-like spots, and small, rough flesh-colored, white or dark bumps, and they’re primarily caused by oxidation. Our Total Oxidation Management can help prevent and even diminish the appearance of all of these conditions.

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How to Improve the Appearance of Keratosis

The power of pure vitamin C  

Attacking the affected area of your skin starts with a targeted 12% L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) antioxidant and 1% zinc antibacterial to help reduce the appearance of Keratosis and return your skin to natural beauty.

  • Protect skin with a fresh-activation delivery system of the purest and most potent level vitamin C
  • Defend against oxidative damage caused by oxidation from environmental aggressors, leading to signs of aging and creating skin abnormalities
  • Replenish vital moisture
  • Soothe, calm and normalize the natural exfoliation rate of skin


Changes you can C.

Vitamin C is the key to making your skin smoother, clearer, and infinitely prettier.

  • Clearer and clearly radiant

Give your skin a healthier look with Total Oxidation Management that addresses Keratosis. From Malibu C!


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