For Hives

For Hives

You have slightly elevated patches of skin that are sort of red. They burned at first and now they itch. Really itch. They came on suddenly and you’d like them to go away just as quickly. You have hives, and while they’re not usually serious, they are an allergic reaction to something your body doesn’t like. Dermatologists often treat hives with steroids and other medical therapies that can irritate the skin. A wellness approach to treating hives that uses Total Oxidation Management can stop the itch and help hives to hide.

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How to Treat Hives

Send hives into hiding with two steps for two minutes, twice a day

Our Total Oxidation Management is a lifestyle choice that works to fight the free radicals created by the chemicals your skin’s immune system sends in response to hives. It is non-invasive, non-irritating, drug-free and can help reduce the appearance of hives.

  • Step one: Pour the crystallized vitamin C into the zinc based serum to activate its power. This clinically proven mix now contains the highest concentration of pure vitamin C available without preservatives. 12%. That’s high-octane help for your inflamed, free radical-ravaged skin.
    • Defend against oxidative damage
    • Normalize exfoliation
    • Reduce the redness
    • Reveal your beautiful skin
  • Step two: Smooth on our luscious oil-free wellness moisturizer with a pro vitamin B5 “smart” formula and intelligent technology to help soothe symptoms and improve skin’s condition

This approach can help eliminate the itch and return your skin to its normal, smooth appearance.

Turn your hives into hive-nots

Treat your hives with a natural solution to get rid of hives, make your skin happy and you positively ecstatic.

It’s a skin sensation. From Malibu C.


Cruelty Free


Plant Based

Elevate Your Wellness Routine