For Burns

For Burns

Burns damage and destroy layers of the skin. They can come from treatments, scaldingelectricitychemicals, radiation or frost bite. They’re serious injuries that can require serious medical treatment. However, Total Oxidation Management can also help to prevent and soothe certain types of burns, especially those caused by chemical burns from salon chemicals like peroxide and sodium hydroxide. Trying to stop the burn with water won’t help as most water is treated with another oxidizer, chlorine, which just causes more irritation. Our wellness approach can combat the oxidizing action and help prevent scar tissue from forming.

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How to Treat Burns

Two steps … Two minutes … Two times a day to healthier skin 

Utilizing a wellness approach can immediately stop the oxidative damage caused by chemicals, helping to reduce inflammation and sensitivity due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of pure, nature-identical vitamin C.

  • Step one: Embrace our Total Oxidation Management approach by beginning with our pure, freshly-activated 12% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) inside a zinc based serum. It’s the only form of vitamin C clinically proven to effectively scavenge free radicals that cause inflammation
  • Step two: Apply our oil-free wellness moisturizer with a “smart” formula including chamomile and jojoba to soothe, condition and moisturize. Our intelligent technology understands your skin’s sensitivity, normalizing sebum distribution to stop peeling, promote collagen synthesis and accelerate wound healing


If you have suffered skin burns and want a natural treatment to complement any medical approach, you need a skin solution specifically to address burns.

Don’t feel the burn any more

A wellness solution can:

  • Replenish natural hydration to soften, soothe and moisturize
  • Promote healthy cell growth
  • Help prevent exposure to bacteria and prevent irritation
  • Help reduce any fluid released from inflamed tissue

Treat minor burns* naturally, to restore healthy skin.
Research proves it; Malibu C confirms it.

*For severe burns, especially those that are second or third degree, we recommend you seek medical attention.


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