For Blemishes

For Blemishes

Blemishes can occur as the result of acne. They can appear as red blotches where ugly lesions, redness and irritation occurred, leading to permanent scarring. But maybe not. With Total Oxidation Management, you can confront blemishes and diminish their appearance. It’s easy: two steps, two minutes, two times a day.

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How to Improve the Appearance of Blemishes

Two steps … Two minutes … Two times a day to clearer skin 

Our Total Oxidation Management system includes nature’s most vital antioxidant, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) used in its purest form, along with 1% zinc  and salicylic acid to fight free radicals and return your skin to beauty, diminishing discoloration.

  • Step one: Pour the crystallized vitamin C into the zinc and salicylic acid based serum to activate its power. This proven mix now contains the highest concentration of pure vitamin C available without preservatives. 12%. That’s high-octane help for your blemished, free radical-ravaged skin.
    • Defend against oxidative damage
    • Normalize exfoliation
    • Reveal your beautiful face
  • Step two: Smooth on our luscious oil-free wellness moisturizer with a salicylic acid and pro vitamin B5 “smart” formula and intelligent technology to help soothe symptoms and improve skin’s condition

If you have skin blemishes and discolorations caused by acne and other traumatizing cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and more, a wellness approach can help.

Take the blemish off of blemishes for suddenly clear skin

A wellness solution to inhibit excessive pigmentation can reduce the appearance of blemishes. Suddenly skin is clear, youthful and renewed

That’s complexion perfection! From Malibu C!


Cruelty Free


Plant Based

Elevate Your Wellness Routine