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For Soft & Softened Water

You may have escaped the hidden horrors of hard water but soft water and hard water that has been softened can hand you a host of hair issues equally as hideous! Soft water makes your hair feel more than soft; it leaves locks limp and lifeless, leading to overuse of volumizing products that leave behind resins that can weigh hair down and inhibit processing of chemical services. Most water softeners simply swap hard water minerals for sodium (salts) that causes hair to lack shine and feel dry or coarse.   

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How to Treat Soft or Softened Water

Remove what’s responsible and replace with body, bounce, and shine.

Soft water can contribute to dull, limp, lifeless hair. Softened water actually starts out as hard water. Neither is good for hair. Softened water results from a sodium-ion process that removes hard water minerals but leaves behind sodium and potassium.

  • Draw out deposits like complex sodium salts to prevent dryness and damage with a crystallized antioxidant natural wellness treatment
  • Neutralize the harsh effects of chlorine present in soft or softened, city-treated water that can make hair feel dry, brittle; and cause the oxidation compounded by the air and sun that depletes shine
  • Normalize scalp exfoliation and keep scalp, and hair, healthier
  • Get rid of product buildup that can keep chemical services, like color, from processing properly
  • Infuse volume, shine and manageability with a targeted hard water wellness or color treated hair kit containing a daily shampoo and conditioner along with weekly treatments to aggressively combat the effects of softened water

Your hair will tell when your water is well.

  • Color stays vibrant
  • More manageable and full
  • Silky, easy to comb
  • Dazzling shine

Soft or softened water is no longer a problem when you have a natural solution, from Malibu C.


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Hard Water Wellness® Collection

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