Hard water affects many regions throughout the world, so much so that numerous products exist to prevent and treat hard water damage. It creates many issues throughout the home and on your body, including soap scum, filmy faucets, spots on dishes, and hard water hair problems. Malibu C has studied and provided effective hard water hair treatments since the mid-80s. 

What Makes Water Hard? 

We determine water hardness by the measurement of calcium and magnesium in the water. Despite the disadvantages we discuss below, hard water has one significant advantage: the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water contributes to our daily intake of these vital minerals (some minerals are excellent to put in your body, but not on your body). Other minerals and metals, including iron, copper, and lead, are often present in hard and soft water.

Water is pure H2O, right? Yes, but also no! The water in your tap isn’t pure water; it travels through the ground, filters, and your pipes before it gets to you. The water retains some material from the rocks and everything else it passes through or over — including your plumbing pipes! Think of smooth river rocks — water passing over these rocks has smoothed the rough edges. Hard water minerals and metals eventually deposit and build up on fixtures, pipes, and you. It’s a common term most people know and use, but what exactly is hard water? Hard water contains a large amount of minerals that make lathering soaps and detergents difficult — or hard (this is where the term “hard” comes from).  

What are the Disadvantages of Hard Water?

If your water is especially hard, the soap will react with the minerals and form a sticky residue that becomes difficult to wash off. This affects your dishes, plumbing fixtures, and more. 

One disadvantage of hard water is the ability for calcium and magnesium to solidify once water evaporates. Calcium and magnesium possess a positive charge, allowing them to attach to negatively charged material like a magnet.

Hard water affects the hair in several undesirable ways. Several environmental and other factors oxidize the minerals, creating many issues in your hair. Salon chemical services, including lightening, coloring, or permanents, are among these oxidizing agents. These services may not take properly or last because of mineral buildup on the hair.

It’s not only calcium and magnesium that deposit on your hair and are difficult to wash off; other metals and minerals — such as iron and copper — deposit onto your hair from your water. Iron and copper can cause visible discoloration — brassy or orangish tones from iron, greenish-bluish tones from copper.

Can a Water Softener Help Your Hair?

The short answer: No. You may assume a water softener fixes all these problems. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Most water softeners reduce calcium and magnesium content through ion-exchange using sodium. While this may reduce the effects of calcium and magnesium, additional minerals and metals remain in your water and deposit onto your hair. Simply put: All water will deposit minerals and metals.

How Do You Remove Hard Water Mineral Buildup From Hair?

As the first company to explore the benefits of vitamin C on the hair and skin, Malibu C’s in-salon Malibu Makeover and home remedy sachets are nature-inspired and backed by science. The Malibu Makeover combines our Crystal Gel Treatment with Un-Do-Goo pH>9 shampoo and Miracle Repair protein reconstructor. This treatment opens the cuticle and effectively removes mineral buildup. This process employs food grade ingredients that alter the electrical charge of the mineral or transitional metal, then attach to them so they rinse out of the hair.

 Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy sachets are an ideal hard water treatment for your hair. Additional remedy treatments target specific hair types and conditions. “The power’s in the packet” is a common saying around the Malibu Wellness complex, but it’s more than just hype. With exclusive vitamin technology, these once-per-week remedies help remove environmental, medicinal, and mineral buildup from the hair. When paired with seasonal Crystal Gel treatments in the salon, your hair is prepared for anything your water throws at it!


Tom Porter, Co-Founder, President, CEO Malibu Wellness, Inc.

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