Hard Water

How Can I Protect My Skin from Hard Water?

The amount of calcium and magnesium in the water determines its hardness, but these aren’t the only elements hiding in your water. Your home’s water contains numerous minerals, metals, and chemicals -- despite its hardness or softness.

Side effects of hard water on skin include irritation and dryness. 

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What is Hard Water? Exploring Negative Effects of Hard Water

Water is pure H2O, right? Yes, but also no! The water in your tap isn’t pure water; it travels through the ground, filters, and your pipes before it gets to you. The water retains some material from the rocks and everything else it passes through or over — including your plumbing pipes! Think of smooth river rocks — water passing over these rocks has smoothed the rough edges. Hard water minerals and metals eventually deposit and build up on fixtures, pipes, and you. 

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