Wellness Testimonials

I am 100% happy with the Hard Water Wellness Kit. My hair had orange highlights with no shine or body from well water (even with a water softener system). After three days of using the Hard Water Wellness Kit, my hair is back to its normal color, feels soft and has body! more...
Cindy J.
Beloit, OH
• • •
We moved into a home with a water softener for the first time...my hairdresser told me about the Hard Water Wellness Kit and my hair has never, ever looked and felt so good. It's so shiny and clean - I really didn't know my hair could be this awesome! I will never use another shampoo again... more...
Julie H.
Guilford, IN
• • •
AMAZING! I finally got my hair back! I have a water softener but over time my hair was turning a brassy color and felt weighed down. My blonde color is back; my hair is so soft and full of body. I love my hair again. Thanks Malibu C. more...
Shelly W.
Vergas, MN
• • •
I had buildup on my hair that my stylist could not get rid of (it was from a water softener), and I used Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner and had instant improvement in my hair! No build up, hair is shiny and manageable, and smells wonderful as a bonus! more...
Ivy J.
West Bend, WI
• • •
Amazing!! We have softened but rusty water in our home. The Hard Water treatment neutralized all of the iron and other minerals in my hair. I am blonde again instead of red. I am so pleased, thank you. more...
Sherry B.
Valparaiso, IN
• • •