Wellness Testimonials

Perm Partner is wonderful! No more complaints on perms. The curls are soft and the hair is not frizzy. Thanks again for a great product. Keep up the good work! more...
Barbara Ann
Studio 1
Sparks, NV
• • •
We use the professional Crystal Gel treatment before every perm and send every client home with Malibu's Miracle Repair to use the first time they shampoo. My clients have said they feel a difference in how their hair feels and how long the perms last. more...
Sonya L.
Fantastic Sam's
Cary, NC
• • •
The Malibu Crystal Gel treatment is great! Two clients told me their last perms were the best ever! The only difference in what I did is that I used the Malibu Crystal Gel prior to the service. more...
Eileen Josenhans
Hotline Technician, Goldwell
• • •
I had the best results with the Curl Partner treatment. It totally revived my perm and made it last way longer than I would have ever hoped. I absolutely love this product. more...
Chelsea P.
Galloway, OH
• • •
I used Malibu C Curl Partner on several clients that their perm was just not taking like it should have been for the rod I was using. But after the Curl Partner remedy, their perms have all been great! Thank you, Malibu C!! more...
Rhonda Huggins
Kelly Deen & Company Salon
Wills Point, TX
• • •
Perms take noticeably better and last longer with Malibu C Curl Partner. more...
Cathy Amos
Salon Bling
Shorewood, IL
• • •
I used Malibu C Curl Partner on my client of 10 years who has had 30+ perms and it was THE BEST perm she has ever gotten. Even from root to tip. I'm extremely happy with the results. more...
Beth Johnson
Beth @Dolces Salon
Smyrna, TN
• • •
if you think you're losing your beautiful hair due to some unknown reason, try Malibu C's Curl Partner, it'll change your life! more...
Diana A.
Portland, OR
• • •
I only use gluten-free products and Malibu C Curl Partner is wonderful. more...
Liane M.
West Allis, WI
• • •
Malibu C has been a trusted, reliable product for me since I have been in business. The treatments have been a lifesaver many times for many reasons, always with great results and happy clients. more...
Joy Grant
Salon Joy
Manitou Beach, MI
• • •
My friend, who works in a different salon than I suggested I use a Malibu treatment. I absolutely love it! My hair feel extremely soft, the curls are super curly and soft. What a wonderful product. I will be buying this from my distributor now. more...
Candida S.
Pompton Plains, NJ
• • •
I used Miracle Repair after I did a perm and the perm came out shinier and with more bounce than before. more...
Dannyale P.
Lone Grove, OK
• • •
Being a curly-haired girl that has been straightening my hair for years, I have lost a significant amount of bounce to my curls. After one use of the Curl Partner treatment, my curls sprung to life! Amazing! I'm in love!! more...
Krista-Marie Salem
Hair by Krista-Marie
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I use all of the Malibu C Hair Care (shampoos, conditioners and wellness remedies) and my results are always better color absorption when coloring and perms take better. more...
Jami Blackwell
Jami's Styling Salon
Welsboro, PA
• • •
I have naturally curly hair and Malibu C Curl Partner just brought it back to life! more...
Megan R.
Puyallup, WA
• • •