Wellness Testimonials

Malibu has seriously changed my life and my hair! more...
Elizabeth S.
Jasper, GA
• • •
One of my clients in her late 50's said she felt like she had teenage hair again. And another said she would never get color again without the Malibu MakeOver. more...
Annmarie R.
U-Nique Salon
Belmont, NC
• • •
...since starting the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness system and doing the Malibu treatment on my hair before my color, I've seen some impressive results. My hair doesn't feel brittle anymore and its gotten back its life and body that I haven't seen in years! Thank you Malibu for your AWESOME products more...
Houston, TX
• • •
My Malibu MakeOver experience was amazing! more...
Anna B.
El Segundo, CA
• • •
My hair turned out really great after doing a Crystal Gel treatment. It made my hair feel so great and so much healthier. more...
Brittany Sweley
Cut It Out Salon
Litchfield, NE
• • •
I love all of the Malibu C products. My hair used to get extremely dry due to how curly it is. I have used several of the Malibu C products and truly love them all but for my dry hair, the Miracle Repair does wonders! Thanks for all the benefits of using Malibu C products. more...
Kimberly F.
Decatur, IL
• • •
I started using the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner on my very dry hair. It is now soft, manageable and not dry. I am very pleased with the results. I will be purchasing more. more...
Allie H.
Waynesville, MO
• • •
Going from a brunette to a blonde really took a toll on my hair. Thankfully, I've been successfully regaining the integrity of my hair with the Malibu C Miracle Repair. This deep conditioning treatment has totally repaired the damage done by bleaching my hair over and over again...It really is a miracle, especially for chemically treated hair! more...
Leslie W.
Malibu, CA
• • •
After using Malibu C natural wellness treatments on our clients in the salon, the town of Lafayette looks brighter! Less dull, faded highlights and given a second chance with a more crisp fresh color. Texture has also shown improvement afterwards, as it becomes softer without all the mineral and resin buildup. Finally, our clients get a more manageable style without causing more damage to their hair. more...
Brittany Coopman
Genevee's Studio
Lafayette, IN
• • •
I use the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness System kit. The very first time I used it I was shocked at how good my hair looked and felt...My hair was lighter, smoother and no more frizz! more...
Shirley P.
Richlands, NC
• • •
I used the Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner and my hair was instantly detangled and smooth. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy, just silky, shiny and healthy. I use it every day now and it seems to have repaired my split ends and smoothed the cuticle beautifully! more...
Chris E.
Windsor, VA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my dry, curly, rough hair smooth and soft I love that it's vegan! more...
Christina S.
Sullivan, OH
• • •
I love Malibu C Miracle Repair! It smells like fresh lemon and the formula is divine! It left my chemically treated hair soft, strong and detangled. The product is not heavy nor does it weigh hair down like most products. Very breezy and light, and my hair has lots of body! I love this brand! more...
Caitie C.
Graham, WA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is very impressive. I've never been to Hawaii, but I imagine this is what it's like. The smell of coconut and pineapple reminds me of a tropical smoothie, and this product leaves my hair soft and shiny and fragrant. What a nice experience! more...
Edward W.
Waxahachie, TX
• • •
My hair was dry and brittle and after using Malibu C Miracle Repair every other week, my hair felt smooth and frizz-free. I love Miracle Repair and will continue to use it. more...
Wida G.
W Salon
West Springfield, MA
• • •
After using Malibu C Miracle Repair just one time, I could tell the difference. My hair has been bleached many times so it was frizzy and damaged, but Miracle Repair made my hair smooth, soft and natural feeling. One a week use has been best for me to keep my hair feeling amazing. This product lasts forever, too! more...
Ann Marie C.
Columbia, SC
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing. It really is a miracle! more...
Cade Cunningham
Sharp Creations
Austin, TX
• • •
I am a recovering cancer patient on daily low dose chemo which makes my hair very brittle and dry. Malibu C Miracle Repair used 4 times a week really moisturizes my hair and brings it back to pre-chemo state. SO GLAD I FOUND THIS!! Thank you, Malibu C! more...
Gina B.
St. Charles, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is the most amazing deep conditioner I've ever used. more...
Brittany M.
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is honestly one of the nicest moisture masks I've ever used. I love this product. more...
Margaret Cowley
Blown Salon
Beverly Hills, CA
• • •
I have yet to find a conditioner/reconstructor as amazing as Malibu C Miracle Repair. I absolutely love it! more...
Alexandra A.
Darien, CT
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing! more...
Breann S.
Corry, PA
• • •
I applied Miracle Repair to my hair in the shower and left it on for about 15 minutes. Boy, did I feel and see the difference when I got out and styled my hair. more...
Nikki Courry
Carbondale, IL
• • •
The Leave-In Mist Conditioner made my hair feel really soft and shiny. more...
Samantha S.
Wellington, OH
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner really moisturizes my hair but doesn't weigh it down at all. Love it! more...
Wendi C.
Steger, IL
• • •
I couldn't believe the difference in my hair. NOTHING made my hair feel so soft and as revitalized as this product did. more...
Cristian M.
Redding, CA
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair every week and it thickens my hair and makes my hair so strong. more...
Shireen P.
Shaw Air Force Base, SC
• • •
I have blonde highlighted dry, frizzy, coarse hair and these products work wonders. more...
Melanie G.
Encino, CA
• • •
The results are immediate and amazing. more...
JoAnne G.
Noblesville, IN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair left my hair so soft and full of body. It literally brought life back to my hair. more...
Crystal Barnjum
San Antonio, TX
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair after lightening my hair and it helped repair the damage. I noticed less breakage while brushing and styling after using Miracle Repair. My hair was softer and more manageable. more...
Eryn H.
Colorado Springs, CO
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner is an excellent product! It's very light but does the job. My hair is color treated and very fine and this product does not weigh it down, adds tons of shine and isn't heavy even in the summer. more...
Amber L.
Chicago, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing! I love the packets! Just the right amount with no waste! more...
Brittany Emmerson
Salon 405
Elizabethtown, KY
• • •
I use this product on almost every client. I do this because Miracle Repair never disappoints in restoring my clients' hair after any color service or just because they want the pampering of soft, shiny hair. more...
Amber Caldwell
Eche Salon
Macon, GA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is excellent. more...
Jackie G.
Palm Springs, CA
• • •
AMAZING!!!! Malibu C Miracle Repair instantly softened, smoothed, repaired and added shine to my hair! more...
Miranda M.
Dundee, MI
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is an awesome conditioner to make summer, frizzy hair feel healthy and alive! more...
Kimberly Broderick
KmB Studio
Lancaster, PA
• • •
So in love with Malibu C Miracle Repair! Made my hair, and more importantly, my clients' hair feel amazing!! So simple to use and so efficient. more...
Taylor Ellison
Summit Salon
Nashville, TN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is the best conditioning treatment I have ever tried. more...
Vienna S.
Miami, FL
• • •
This is definitely my go-to product! more...
Lyndsey Williamson
Comb Sweet Comb
Phoenix, AZ
• • •
I had amazing results with Malibu C Miracle Repair. My hair was so soft and shiny and its never looked better! more...
Josalyn H.
Carrollton, GA
• • •
I love Malibu C Miracle Repair so much. It made my hair so much better. more...
Tammy S.
Carrollton, GA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair and Rehydr8 Concentr8 Mixer leave the hair fabulous and silky smooth. They are awesome after a toner or colour service and perfect for blondes! more...
Merrill Shepherd
Birmingham, AL
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner is the best leave-in conditioner. It takes care of the fly-away hair without a heavy, sticky feel. My hair is soft and shiny. Thank you for a great product. more...
Kimberly P.
Rochester, MI
• • •
...I have also started to use Malibu C Miracle Repair, which is no short of a miracle when I have customers who come in with hair they tried to bleach out themselves. more...
Amanda Tice
Beyond the Myst Hair Studio
Cary, NC
• • •
My hair instantly felt softer and more manageable. It did not tangle or feel dry as it did before. more...
Clarissa Gutierrez
Baytown, TX
• • •
When I started in the salon, I tried Malibu C Miracle Repair and was able to brush my hair for the first time in years. more...
Megan Wiseman
Raymond, NH
• • •
I was amazed with the results from Malibu C Miracle Repair. All frizz and tangles were removed, previously bleached areas appeared lighter and her hair was silky smooth. This product is amazing and will be a new added service. more...
Lisa Atkins
Forever Young Beauty Salon
Eureka, CA
• • •
I have used Malibu C Miracle Repair a couple of times now and it never ceases to amaze me, always leaves my hair feeling so healthy! more...
Jaimie F.
Merryville, LA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made such a difference! more...
Jade M.
Orlando, FL
• • •
I absolutely LOVE how moisturizing Miracle Repair is. :) more...
Christina Cunningham
Bella Luna Salon
Prescott Valley, AZ
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C Miracle Repair. My hair feels amazing every time I use it. more...
Deana M.
Phoenix, AZ
• • •
My friend gave me Malibu C Miracle Repair when I told her I was trying to grow out my hair. It has definitely helped strengthen and repair my dry hair. Thank you! more...
Olivia S.
Columbia, SC
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair certainly lives up to its name! more...
Victoria R.
Gwynn, VA
• • •
I love Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner. It leaves my dry, curly hair feeling smooth and silky. It gives my hair extra moisture which is always nice. It also smells amazing! more...
Christina S.
Sullivan, OH
• • •
My hair was dull and dry! I had been reading about Miracle Repair on a Hairstylist Forum and decided to try it on myself. I LOVE the results! My hair is soft and shiny. This will continue to be a MUST HAVE! Thank you! more...
Yvette D.
Alpharetta, GA
• • •
I absolutely love Miracle Repair. It is the best product I have ever used. more...
Kara J.
Salem, IN
• • •
After using the Miracle Repair, my hair felt it has never felt before. It turned my lifeless, motionless, dry hair into hair that I've always wanted! Thank you! more...
Shelby B.
Normal, IL
• • •
Miracle Repair made my hair go from dry and damaged to healthy and shiny! more...
Cissy B.
Arcadia, FL
• • •
I used this product for the first time the other day and I absolutely love it!! My hair is in extremely bad condition but with just the first treatment, I felt the difference. My hair was so silky and soft, I love it! I will definitely continue to use Miracle Repair!! more...
Amy J.
Wolverhampton, UK
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist is a great product! It conditions and protects against heat. My hair has never been so soft, shiny and healthy while still using hot tools on a daily basis. more...
Ashleigh O.
Greentown, PA
• • •
Malibu C Treatments will completely change your hair into alive, moisturized, voluminous locks! They'll brighten your color or even prep your hair for a better, more even color. They take orange (rust) and green (copper/chlorine) out of your blonde hair in a natural, healthy way. They even fix "uh oh" color and stop a processing bleach or color. Malibu C Treatments are AMAZING! more...
Tory J.
Sauk Centre, MN
• • •
I love Miracle Repair! It made my hair soft, shiny and manageable. more...
Amy G.
Scottsville, KY
• • •
My hair is stronger, fuller, softer and healthier since I treating my hair with Malibu C Miracle Repair. I purchased the 12 pack box so that I am not without! Thank you! more...
Amy H.
Lee, MA
• • •
Thank you for the great products!!! You have a customer for life. more...
Enelina D.
Evergreen Park, IL
• • •
Never thought I would ever be able to restore my dull, dry hair to its once shiny hair of my youth. Love this product! more...
Susan F.
Scottsdale, AZ
• • •
I bought Miracle Repair as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. I can totally tell the difference it has made in her hair and it smells so good! more...
Ben H.
Minot, ND
• • •
I dyed my hair and usually after dying it, my hair gets dry. I used Malibu C Miracle Repair and kept it on for ten minutes with a shower cap and this is the softest my hair has ever felt. Thank you! more...
Bonnie C.
Mission Viejo, CA
• • •
I asked my hair salon for a Malibu MakeOver. I have had issues with hard water for the last couple of years from moving to an area with hard water. My hair was heavy and tangled. I could barely get a comb through it after washing. It sometimes looked dry, other times partially oily. I had brassy tones after highlighting and some scalp issues. My hair did not have any body or shine. My stylist processed the Malibu MakeOver and the results were amazing! more...
Carisa L.
Nolensville, TN
• • •
I purchased your Hard Water Wellness Kit a few weeks ago and I have seen great results. I have very hard water and my hair always felt brittle, dry and frizzy. Since using the Hard Water Wellness Kit I have noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my hair. It looks and feels healthier and is easier to style. I color my hair and my color seems to be lasting longer and looking more vibrant. more...
Tiffany A.
Fayetteville, NC
• • •
Your products are amazing! I have very long hair which I get straightened and colored. For months I've been having issues with my hair feeling dirty, knotty and unmanageable. For three months I've lost so much hair and had so much breakage because of this issue. Last night I tried your Hard Water Wellness Treatment and Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner and the results were amazing!!! I can run my fingers through my hair again! It hasn't felt this soft and healthy for months! more...
Dawn S.
Wallkill, NY
• • •
Miracle Repair is a great product! My hair feels healthy and looks great! more...
Christina F.
Greene, Iowa
• • •
Malibu C has been a trusted, reliable product for me since I have been in business. The treatments have been a lifesaver many times for many reasons, always with great results and happy clients. more...
Joy Grant
Salon Joy
Manitou Beach, MI
• • •
The Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner moisturized and conditioned my dry, brittle hair. I loved the feel of my hair. Can't say enough good things about this product. more...
Janet T.
Jonesville, NC
• • •
After just one use of Miracle Repair, my hair regained its elasticity, strength and felt more hydrated than it had been in quite a while! I am in love with Malibu C! more...
Krista-Marie Salem
Hair by Krista-Marie
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
• • •
What an awesome product! My hair felt so smooth and looked so healthy and shiny after using Miracle Repair. more...
Celine C.
Palmerston North, New Zealand
• • •
Miracle Repair Reconstructor by Malibu C is amazing! more...
Laken V.
Kirksey, KY
• • •
My hair was dry, brittle, and felt "caked on" with yuck. After the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, my hair was silky and shiny again. Thank you. more...
Autumn D.
Spanway, WA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair softer after just one packet. Love it! more...
Morgan L.
Aiken, SC
• • •
I was staying at a resort and used the amenities of Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser, Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Ultra Body Lotion. I loved the products so much I looked them up on your website to purchase the full size. I feel like I am at the beach right in my own home. more...
Nicole E.
Newburgh, IN
• • •
Loved the results using Malibu C Miracle Repair! more...
Cheyanne W.
New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair worked amazingly! I absolutely loved it! My hair was much softer and healthier looking after just one use. more...
Brooke L.
Jonesboro, AR
• • •
My hair was the worst! Dry, brittle, fragile...just horrible. I bought Malibu C Miracle Repair and it is amazing! It added so much sheen and moisture to my hair, I couldn't stop touching it. The moisture it provided was life! more...
Erika W.
San Bernardino, CA
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair on my own hair and it feels so healthy and soft and it hasn't felt this way in a while! I love Malibu C! more...
Sarah J.
Anaheim, CA
• • •
Since I've started using Malibu C Miracle Repair, my hair is soft and feels fuller! And no frizzies in the New York humidity! I love all Malibu C products and will continue to use Miracle Repair that helps my 52 year old hair feel like 20 year old hair! more...
Lisa C.
Marilla, NY
• • •
...Malibu C Miracle Repair was the first product to return my hair to the silky state it is usually in. Thank you! more...
Dominique A.
Sherman Oaks, CA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair changes my hair, completely. I have coarse grey hair. I quit coloring, although many folks have complimented me on the natural color. My hair was always dry and unmanageable, until now. Thank you. more...
Laura P.
Jackson, MI
• • •
My hair is healthy and smooth using Malibu C Miracle Repair. I also like to use Un-Do-Goo once a week to clarify. more...
Shannon D.
Austin, TX
• • •
My hair was soft and silky after using Malibu C Miracle Repair reconstructor only once. Great product! more...
Mathieu P.
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair feel like I had a fresh haircut! more...
Heather J.
Verona, NJ
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is great! My hairdresser tried it on my hair just once and my hair feels so much better and softer! more...
Sharon S.
Pensacola, FL
• • •
I have very long hair and after using Malibu C Miracle Repair Reconstructor, I could comb through my hair without difficulty. My hair was shiny and bouncy. more...
Amiee B.
Lafayette, IN
• • •
When I use Malibu C Miracle Repair my hair actually looks healthy, less dry and I feel much better about how it looks. more...
Katy Nickel
Look N' Good
Madison, WI
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing. more...
Sarah T.
Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is a wonderful product. more...
Kristen Caldwell
Titusville, PA
• • •
AMAZING!!!! more...
Judi L.
Brazil, IN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair gives me super soft hair. more...
Marisa F.
Grandville, MI
• • •
I love the way my hair felt after applying Malibu C Miracle Repair. more...
Calli B.
Midland, TX
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair after unperming hair. The hair was so soft and manageable. I am very impressed. I am going to try it today on another client who has dry, unruly hair. more...
Brittany Fresch
South Fork, PA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair bears its name, it works miracles! It leaves hair soft and smooth. I could not do without it! more...
Nathalie Perreault
Coiffure et Esthetique
Sainte Marie, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair lifted blonde a little lighter and turned coarse, brittle hair into smooth, soft hair. It looked completely different. more...
Adrienne Gauthe
Regis Salon
Thibodaux, LA
• • •
This light leave-in conditioner is a lifesaver! Wet or dry applications! I keep one on my boat and apply it regularly. Can't be without it! more...
Denise Shipp
Dandelion Salon
Sweet Home, OR
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is an amazing product. more...
Laura Courtie
Laura Courtie Hair
Bellshill, United Kingdom
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor made my hair so soft that I had to try more Malibu C products! more...
Megan Cady
Walmart Salon
Kalispell, MT
• • •
My daughters have very long hair that easily tangles and is difficult to brush, especially in the summer when they swim regularly. I have bought various brushes and sprays, all to no avail...hair brushing always ended in tears. Since I started using Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner, those tears have ceased! I cannot believe how easy their hair brushes through. I use it wet and dry and it works unbelievably well. The girls call it the "magic spray!" more...
Stacey L.
New York, NY
• • •
I have used Miracle Repair recently as my hair is so dried out and it brings it back to life. Keep up the good work. more...
Jenifer O.
Parma, OH
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair and my hair looks and feels wonderful. more...
Dena G.
Saint Robert, MO
• • •
I really like the Leave-In Mist Conditioner so far. I also tried it on my sister who has platinum blonde hair and I could notice a difference right way, it gave her hair that luster and shine she desperately needs. more...
Jordan M.
Elkton, VA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is excellent! more...
Xenia L.
Augusta, GA
• • •
Miracle Repair is my favorite. It's a wonderful product and my clients love the way their hair feels. I use it on myself once a week! more...
Deborah Gallo
Fantastic Sams
Marlton, NJ
• • •
I recently had a perm while I had the flu and the perm came out dry and straight. It looked like I had dreadlocks. I used Miracle Repair and all dryness and dreadlocks went away and were replaced by beautiful, silky curls. more...
Maureen C.
Blowing Rock, NC
• • •
The ends of my hair were dry and straw-like. After one treatment of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, my hair is back to its shiny, soft texture. more...
Madyson H.
Morehead, KY
• • •
I love Malibu C Miracle Repair. It made my hair feel really soft. more...
Brandi Martin
Heritage Salons
North Richland Hills, TX
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is A-MAZ-ING! more...
Jennifer D.
Memphis, TN
• • •
My hair can get try sometimes, so I tried Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair had never, ever felt so soft after I used it! I let my thick, layered hair air dry and it was beautiful! more...
Muskan K.
Edison, NJ
• • •
My ends were very dry, so I tried Malibu C Miracle Repair and after five days my hair is still soft and shiny! I will be using this product on my clients and promoting it! I immediately fell in love with this product. more...
Kashia Schambough
Jolie Posh Salon
Lafayette, LA
• • •
I have fine, highlighted hair that tangles very easily. Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner not only detangled but left my hair soft without making it feel weighed down. I also love the Malibu Blondes products. more...
Jamie C.
Eugene, OR
• • •
I used two packets of Malibu C Miracle Repair on my hair and absolutely loved it. The smell is amazing! It also left my hair feeling wonderful and soft. I highly recommend it! more...
Abigail D.
Lincoln, IL
• • •
I really enjoy Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist! It leaves my hair feeling soft and lightweight! more...
Sandy M.
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner left my hair so smooth and shiny. I love it. more...
Hannah K.
Kingsport, TN
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair as a deep conditioning treatment and it leaves the hair soft, shiny and beautiful! more...
Connie Sutton
Bella Vie Hair Studio
Southern Pines, NC
• • •
I really like Miracle Repair by Malibu C. It left my hair feeling soft and silky. I feel like I have been to the salon. more...
Brenda S.
Owenton, KY
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner helped my hair greatly! I have very damaged hair and it left my hair much more manageable and soft to the touch. I look forward to trying more of your great products! more...
Rachel F.
Hull, MA
• • •
My hair became soft and silky after using Malibu C Miracle Repair. My brunette color is more vibrant and has taken a huge change for the better! more...
Cheyenne S.
Lodi, OH
• • •
Miracle Repair is amazing! I love how it made my hair feel! more...
Nichola L.
Peoria, IL
• • •
I have naturally curly hair that I flat iron every day. As a result, my hair was very damaged and dry. My friend recommended Miracle Repair and my hair has been transformed. I use it once a week and my hair has been transformed into healthy, shiny, manageable hair. I love Miracle Repair and will use it for years to come. more...
Faye T.
Elkhorn City, KY
• • •
I have never used anything that has worked this well for dry, damaged hair. Thank you! more...
Kathy S.
Salem, OH
• • •
I have naturally dry hair and Miracle Repair made it so easy to detangle my hair and it blow dried like a dream! more...
Ariel W.
Sacramento, CA
• • •
My hair before Malibu C was stringy, frizzy and coarse. After using the Hard Water treatment it was soft and never frizzed! I highly recommend it! more...
Christina W.
Katy, TX
• • •