Wellness Testimonials

Going from a brunette to a blonde really took a toll on my hair. Thankfully, I've been successfully regaining the integrity of my hair with the Malibu C Miracle Repair. This deep conditioning treatment has totally repaired the damage done by bleaching my hair over and over again...It really is a miracle, especially for chemically treated hair! more...
Leslie W.
Malibu, CA
• • •
Ever since I started using Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder by Malibu Wellness my hair has totally come to life again! more...
Amy M.
Waretown, NJ
• • •
I use the Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder and love it. It reconstructs damaged, heavily bleached hair beautifully. more...
Courtney Mills
Mills Hair Designs
Hastings, MN
• • •
Thank you for producing these three amazing products. more...
Mary Anne P.
Flowery Branch, GA
• • •
I used Miracle Repair one time and I could see a difference! I love it so much and am going to continue buying! Totally cool. Keep being brilliant! more...
Jessica M.
Sunbury, PA
• • •
As for the client, they are "WOWED" with the results and they don't mind spending the extra time either. I like to point out to them that they are getting extra value with the Crystal Gel (full Malibu MakeOver service) as their color will last longer and their hair will become stronger with noticeably less breakage. more...
Nicole Ilasi
New York City, NY
• • •
The first time I used Malibu Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder I thought it smelled great, but it was after using it consistently for about two months that I started to notice that my once fried processed-blonde hair no longer had split ends! more...
Whitney K.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
After using Malibu C natural wellness treatments on our clients in the salon, the town of Lafayette looks brighter! Less dull, faded highlights and given a second chance with a more crisp fresh color. Texture has also shown improvement afterwards, as it becomes softer without all the mineral and resin buildup. Finally, our clients get a more manageable style without causing more damage to their hair. more...
Brittany Coopman
Genevee's Studio
Lafayette, IN
• • •
Over these 6 months since using Malibu C I have gone from frizz to sheen, dull to vibrant, and crinkles to silk. I can't imagine using any other product! more...
Kiley C.
Cosmetology Student
Calabasas, CA
• • •
My hair was in horrible shape! My stylist recommended I have a Malibu treatment before my next color. I did and am extremely happy with the results! My hair is now shiny and healthy! I will definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who has hard water at home. more...
Deborah M.
Saunderstown, RI
• • •
AMAZING RESULTS!!!! My hair was horrible after dyes, hard water and extreme heat usage but Malibu C transformed my hair and I'm a faithful user and will be forever!!!! more...
Meagan Laird
Hair by Jose
Big Spring, TX
• • •
I am convinced this is a miracle product!!! It's affordable and after only one use my hair felt amazing!! My brush did not get stuck during drying and it has never looked or felt better!!! I LOVE this product!!! more...
Kimberly G.
Lincoln, RI
• • •
...my stylist in Denver recommended I try Malibu C Miracle Repair for my damaged hair. I purchased one pack to try and I was immediately IN LOVE with the results! My hair FINALLY felt soft and healthy again! When I went back the following week to purchase more, the salon was sold out so I hunted down the 12-pack! I have used Malibu C for a year consistently and it's seriously, the BEST deep conditioning treatment I have ever used! LOVE it! more...
Ava C.
Orange, VA
• • •
I have tried Malibu C Miracle Repair, which in short, is a miracle. Amazing product, beautiful hair. more...
Aastha R.
Adelaide, Australia
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my dry, curly, rough hair smooth and soft I love that it's vegan! more...
Christina S.
Sullivan, OH
• • •
I love Malibu C Miracle Repair! It smells like fresh lemon and the formula is divine! It left my chemically treated hair soft, strong and detangled. The product is not heavy nor does it weigh hair down like most products. Very breezy and light, and my hair has lots of body! I love this brand! more...
Caitie C.
Graham, WA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair saved my hair from further breakage and it hasn't felt this healthy in years! more...
Amanda B.
Snellviille, GA
• • •
Before using Malibu C Miracle Repair, my hair was very color/heat damaged and would break easily. I used Miracle Repair and have had amazing results. My hair is completely smooth with very few split ends. Not to mention the smell is amazing! more...
Cassi M.
Alliance, OH
• • •
My hair was dry and brittle and after using Malibu C Miracle Repair every other week, my hair felt smooth and frizz-free. I love Miracle Repair and will continue to use it. more...
Wida G.
W Salon
West Springfield, MA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair has restored my hair!! It used to be dry and frizzy and is now voluminous and gorgeous! more...
Rianne D.
Plano, TX
• • •
After using Malibu C Miracle Repair just one time, I could tell the difference. My hair has been bleached many times so it was frizzy and damaged, but Miracle Repair made my hair smooth, soft and natural feeling. One a week use has been best for me to keep my hair feeling amazing. This product lasts forever, too! more...
Ann Marie C.
Columbia, SC
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing. It really is a miracle! more...
Cade Cunningham
Sharp Creations
Austin, TX
• • •
In one treatment, your Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair look and feel 10 times better than these expensive treatments. Love it, and so does my pocket book. more...
Kristi C.
West Terre Haute, IN
• • •
I am a recovering cancer patient on daily low dose chemo which makes my hair very brittle and dry. Malibu C Miracle Repair used 4 times a week really moisturizes my hair and brings it back to pre-chemo state. SO GLAD I FOUND THIS!! Thank you, Malibu C! more...
Gina B.
St. Charles, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is the most amazing deep conditioner I've ever used. more...
Brittany M.
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist after I shampoo for the last two years and it is so good for my hair. It leaves it soft, silky and controllable. more...
Paul P.
Fountain Valley, CA
• • •
I have yet to find a conditioner/reconstructor as amazing as Malibu C Miracle Repair. I absolutely love it! more...
Alexandra A.
Darien, CT
• • •
I love Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo and Miracle Repair for removing buildup and restoring hair! more...
Abby Parker
Abby Parker Hair
Murfreesboro, TN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing! more...
Breann S.
Corry, PA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is honestly one of the nicest moisture masks I've ever used. I love this product. more...
Margaret Cowley
Blown Salon
Beverly Hills, CA
• • •
The Leave-In Mist Conditioner made my hair feel really soft and shiny. more...
Samantha S.
Wellington, OH
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner really moisturizes my hair but doesn't weigh it down at all. Love it! more...
Wendi C.
Steger, IL
• • •
I couldn't believe the difference in my hair. NOTHING made my hair feel so soft and as revitalized as this product did. more...
Cristian M.
Redding, CA
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair every week and it thickens my hair and makes my hair so strong. more...
Shireen P.
Shaw Air Force Base, SC
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair Reconstructor is the only product that stops the breakage and brings my hair back to life after all the damage I cause it. I love this product! more...
Sabrina K.
Central City, IA
• • •
I was first introduced to Malibu C Miracle Repair deep conditioner at a salon while getting my hair done. I loved it! more...
Kira W.
Coventry, CT
• • •
Loved Malibu C Miracle Repair! It repairs and leaves the hair shiny. Love it! more...
Kelsey DeWolfe
Razors, Scissors N' Chains LLC
Stevens Point, WI
• • •
The results are immediate and amazing. more...
JoAnne G.
Noblesville, IN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is absolutely amazing. I've used this product a couple of times and it has saved my hair!! more...
Gabriella L.
Devon, Alberta, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair left my hair so soft and full of body. It literally brought life back to my hair. more...
Crystal Barnjum
San Antonio, TX
• • •
I was using Moroccan Oil hair products and I was seeing so much dandruff that I decided to use Malibu C Un-Do-Goo and Miracle Repair for my damaged hair and both products have done miracles. My hair is not falling out like it was and I have no more dandruff. more...
Cayla L.
Tupelo, MS
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair after lightening my hair and it helped repair the damage. I noticed less breakage while brushing and styling after using Miracle Repair. My hair was softer and more manageable. more...
Eryn H.
Colorado Springs, CO
• • •
I was terrified that I would have to cut my hair but after using Miracle Repair, I was luckily able to save myself from tears! more...
Carolina G.
Miami, FL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing! I love the packets! Just the right amount with no waste! more...
Brittany Emmerson
Salon 405
Elizabethtown, KY
• • •
My salon stylist at Regis Salon introduced me to Malibu C Miracle Repair and I love it. My hair is dry/damaged from perms and coloring. Miracle Repair makes my hair soft and my curls bouncy again. more...
Maloria C.
Midland, PA
• • •
I use this product on almost every client. I do this because Miracle Repair never disappoints in restoring my clients' hair after any color service or just because they want the pampering of soft, shiny hair. more...
Amber Caldwell
Eche Salon
Macon, GA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is excellent. more...
Jackie G.
Palm Springs, CA
• • •
AMAZING!!!! Malibu C Miracle Repair instantly softened, smoothed, repaired and added shine to my hair! more...
Miranda M.
Dundee, MI
• • •
A client had a lot of damage due to continuous bleaching and we needed something that would make a difference! Malibu C Miracle Repair was recommended by several stylists. It brought the client's hair back to life! more...
Chasity Ward
Hollywood Salon
Tomahawk, KY
• • •
So in love with Malibu C Miracle Repair! Made my hair, and more importantly, my clients' hair feel amazing!! So simple to use and so efficient. more...
Taylor Ellison
Summit Salon
Nashville, TN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is the best conditioning treatment I have ever tried. more...
Vienna S.
Miami, FL
• • •
This is definitely my go-to product! more...
Lyndsey Williamson
Comb Sweet Comb
Phoenix, AZ
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is an awesome conditioner to make summer, frizzy hair feel healthy and alive! more...
Kimberly Broderick
KmB Studio
Lancaster, PA
• • •
I had amazing results with Malibu C Miracle Repair. My hair was so soft and shiny and its never looked better! more...
Josalyn H.
Carrollton, GA
• • •
I love Malibu C Miracle Repair so much. It made my hair so much better. more...
Tammy S.
Carrollton, GA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair and Rehydr8 Concentr8 Mixer leave the hair fabulous and silky smooth. They are awesome after a toner or colour service and perfect for blondes! more...
Merrill Shepherd
Birmingham, AL
• • •
I first started using Malibu C Un-Do-Goo and Miracle Repair when I color my hair, but I loved the results so much that I now use them more frequently. It's like a RESET button for my hair. My hair gets squeaky clean with Un-Do-Goo Shampoo without stripping my hair of color (and I use semi-permanent color, so that's a BIG deal) and Miracle Repair leave my frequently lightened hair soft and wonderfully manageable! Thanks for making these great products! more...
Jennifer B.
Roscommon, MI
• • •
I'm a believer! more...
Phyllis Lee
New Albany, MS
• • •
...I have also started to use Malibu C Miracle Repair, which is no short of a miracle when I have customers who come in with hair they tried to bleach out themselves. more...
Amanda Tice
Beyond the Myst Hair Studio
Cary, NC
• • •
My hair instantly felt softer and more manageable. It did not tangle or feel dry as it did before. more...
Clarissa Gutierrez
Baytown, TX
• • •
When I started in the salon, I tried Malibu C Miracle Repair and was able to brush my hair for the first time in years. more...
Megan Wiseman
Raymond, NH
• • •
My hair was very damaged from multiple color processing. I used Malibu C Miracle Repair and it helped so much!! I can now get a comb through my hair without taking a huge chunk of hair following. more...
Darllea L.
Terre Haute, IN
• • •
I was amazed with the results from Malibu C Miracle Repair. All frizz and tangles were removed, previously bleached areas appeared lighter and her hair was silky smooth. This product is amazing and will be a new added service. more...
Lisa Atkins
Forever Young Beauty Salon
Eureka, CA
• • •
I have used Malibu C Miracle Repair a couple of times now and it never ceases to amaze me, always leaves my hair feeling so healthy! more...
Jaimie F.
Merryville, LA
• • •
After years of highlights, Malibu C Miracle Repair was made for me. My silky smooth hair is back without the breakage and split ends I was used to seeing. more...
Jessica C.
Cusseta, GA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made such a difference! more...
Jade M.
Orlando, FL
• • •
I love all of the products made by Malibu C. They all make my hair feel wonderful and I always get excited when I see new products coming out of this line. more...
Amy F.
Pottstown, PA
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair certainly lives up to its name! more...
Victoria R.
Gwynn, VA
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C Miracle Repair. My hair feels amazing every time I use it. more...
Deana M.
Phoenix, AZ
• • •
My hair was really damaged after lightening it for so long and I started using Miracle Repair and it has helped so much to make my hair soft and healthy again. more...
Lauren Downs
Harrison City, PA
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist works like a charm. I normally used It's a 10 but I saw that it had alcohol and a lot of synthetic ingredients I didn't want my hair to soak up. Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner not only makes my hair "feel" healthy, it actually helps improve the health of my hair through the nourishment of plant-based proteins. Another satisfying Malibu C purchase! more...
Jordan Minter
Hair Cuttery
Elkton, VA
• • •
After using bleach on my hair and the mineral buildup reacting with the bleach causing my hair to almost completely melt off (my hairdresser saved it thankfully), Malibu C Miracle Repair completely saved my life! Using it to rebuild my hair and protect it from further buildup, my hair is now two inches longer and SO healthy and happy! more...
Erica S.
Monticello, NY
• • •
My ends were very dry, so I tried Malibu C Miracle Repair and after five days my hair is still soft and shiny! I will be using this product on my clients and promoting it! I immediately fell in love with this product. more...
Kashia Schambough
Jolie Posh Salon
Lafayette, LA
• • •
I dye my hair a lot, and recently have decided to go super blonde. It has left my hair damaged and dry. I used Malibu C Miracle Repair to try to fix the damage and to my surprise, it works great! more...
Tareva P.
Canton, OH
• • •
Malibu C Color Correction and Miracle Repair did everything it said it would on the package. I will use both products again and recommend them to others. I love it! more...
Rosetta J.
Virginia Beach, VA
• • •
I absolutely love Miracle Repair. It is the best product I have ever used. more...
Kara J.
Salem, IN
• • •
My hair was dull and dry! I had been reading about Miracle Repair on a Hairstylist Forum and decided to try it on myself. I LOVE the results! My hair is soft and shiny. This will continue to be a MUST HAVE! Thank you more...
Yvette D.
Alpharetta, GA
• • •
After coloring my hair, I used Malibu C Miracle Repair and instantly noticed a change in my hair. My hair felt nicer. It helped with my split ends and maintained my curls. I absolutely love this product! more...
Cara H.
Bulls, New Zealand
• • •
After using the Miracle Repair, my hair felt it has never felt before. It turned my lifeless, motionless, dry hair into hair that I've always wanted! Thank you! more...
Shelby B.
Normal, IL
• • •
I used Miracle Repair on hair that has been bleached eight times in five months and was in very bad condition and felt like chewing gum. After using Miracle Repair, the hair is not only better but in good condition. I recall the shock of the softness, improved quality and the overall look was literally miraculous. This client has tried many hair masks and other brand "miracles" but your Miracle Repair really does what it says on the packet! more...
Emily Wiles
Emily While Hairdressing
Lewes, UK
• • •
Miracle Repair made my hair go from dry and damaged to healthy and shiny! more...
Cissy B.
Arcadia, FL
• • •
I am amazed at how well all of the products work! I own my own salon and I'm going to carry the entire line of products. Malibu C is amazing! more...
Christine Edwards
Hair Factor
Newport, NC
• • •
Miracle Repair has made my hair so much more manageable. Paired with the Color Prepare treatment, my hair has turned out fabulous! more...
Ashley M.
McHenry, IL
• • •
The Miracle Repair treatment strengthened my hair with amazing results. more...
Louise Dale
Stak Hair Studio
Selly Oak, Birmingham, U.K.
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist is a great product! It conditions and protects against heat. My hair has never been so soft, shiny and healthy while still using hot tools on a daily basis. more...
Ashleigh O.
Greentown, PA
• • •
I used this product for the first time the other day and I absolutely love it!! My hair is in extremely bad condition but with just the first treatment, I felt the difference. My hair was so silky and soft, I love it! I will definitely continue to use Miracle Repair!! more...
Amy J.
Wolverhampton, UK
• • •
I love Miracle Repair! It made my hair soft, shiny and manageable. more...
Amy G.
Scottsville, KY
• • •
My stylist always uses Miracle Repair after coloring my hair to deep condition it. I love it. It makes my hair so silky and frizz-free. I have noticed that my hair is getting stronger and healthier with each treatment. more...
Cheryl R.
Ruckersville, VA
• • •
Love the results using Miracle Repair! I tend to color my hair often and this product helps keep my hair moisturized and easily manageable to brush, leaving it feeling healthier. more...
Sherry Mazurkiewicz
The Healthy Hair Bar
Shelby Township, MI
• • •
I bought Miracle Repair as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. I can totally tell the difference it has made in her hair and it smells so good! more...
Ben H.
Minot, ND
• • •
I swear by Miracle Repair, too. It is unbelievable! My hair is long and thick and I have damaged it many times. Miracle Repair has made my hair so healthy again that you would never know how damaged it was before I started using it. more...
Jenny J.
Theodore, AL
• • •
Malibu C's Miracle Repair helped to mend and give life back to my fragile, fried, damaged hair! Thank you Malibu Miracle! more...
Makalyn M.
Roosevelt, UT
• • •
WOW! That is the best way to describe Malibu C Miracle Repair in one word. I use Miracle Repair on so many of my highlift clients and it brings their hair back to life. more...
Lindsey DeMith
All Occasion Hair & Makeup
Holiday, FL
• • •
I purchased your Hard Water Wellness Kit a few weeks ago and I have seen great results. I have very hard water and my hair always felt brittle, dry and frizzy. Since using the Hard Water Wellness Kit I have noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my hair. It looks and feels healthier and is easier to style. I color my hair and my color seems to be lasting longer and looking more vibrant. more...
Tiffany A.
Fayetteville, NC
• • •
I, along with my daughter, have had EXCELLENT results with Malibu C! My hair was extremely damaged due to chemical services and I was introduced to the Miracle Repair two days ago along with the Color Prepare treatment. Thank goodness I was, as these products are awesome! My hair feels better after just one treatment! more...
Tanya Stremmel
Holistic Skin Care
Hanover, PA
• • •
I've had stringy hair but I used the Miracle Repair twice a week and my hair has never felt so healthy and strong. I love it! Thank you, Malibu C! more...
Annmarie B.
Brooklyn, NY
• • •
My hair was damaged from relaxers and colors. Dry, brittle, and limp. So I used the Crystal Gel (the Malibu MakeOver) and my hair feels fantastic! Crystal Gel restored my natural color, texture and shine. more...
Emil C.
Fantastic Sams Salon
Fort Worth, TX
• • •
The Miracle Repair reconstructor took my hair bleached damaged hair to soft and manageable over night! It's amazing! I love it! more...
Kayla Mahmood
Logansport, IN
• • •
What can you say about this product that truly describes the transformation to over-worked hair after just one use? I have found the results truly amazing when used on dry, brittle hair. Hair I thought would be better off simply cut off is transformed into silk after just one use. I was unsure of the claims, now I am simply stunned. A must have! more...
Kathi R.
Laurel, MS
• • •
The results using Miracle Repair have been amazing on hair that has been over-processed, damaged and breaking due to coloring time and time again. Miracle Repair keeps hair soft and full of volume without weighing it down. A must have. more...
Kathy E.
Laurel, MS
• • •
I used Miracle Repair and it immediately untangled and nourished my hair leaving it feeling light and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product! more...
Junina F.
Chicago, IL
• • •
I used the Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner and my hair was instantly detangled and smooth. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy, just silky, shiny and healthy. I use it every day now and it seems to have repaired my split ends and smoothed the cuticle beautifully! more...
Chris E.
Windsor, VA
• • •
The Malibu MakeOver is the best repair product I have ever tried. My hair was over-dried and so damaged. This product transformed my hair. It is truly amazing! more...
Viviani R.
Fitchburg, MA
• • •
My hair turned out really great after doing a Crystal Gel treatment. It made my hair feel so great and so much healthier. more...
Brittany Sweley
Cut It Out Salon
Litchfield, NE
• • •
Thank you for the great products!!! You have a customer for life. more...
Enelina D.
Evergreen Park, IL
• • •
My hair is stronger, fuller, softer and healthier since I treating my hair with Malibu C Miracle Repair. I purchased the 12 pack box so that I am not without! Thank you! more...
Amy H.
Lee, MA
• • •
My hair was severely damaged as a result of a horrible ombre, and I used the Malibu C Miracle Repair one time and fell in love with the amazing results. My repetitive use has improved the health of my hair significantly. more...
Angelina Q.
Tacoma, WA
• • •
Charlotte D.
Daleville, AL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair that had felt like straw, feel like silk!!! I love this product! more...
Tracy S.
Dunkirk, IN
• • •
I had great results with Miracle Repair. more...
Heather M.
Saratoga Springs, UT
• • •
I use Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner as a cutting tool and my clients love to use it at home, too. more...
Roseann Papadatos
Bella Cuts
West Babylon, NY
• • •
Miracle Repair leaves my hair super hydrated and silky without the typical heaviness of other deep conditioners after rinsing it. It works really great with over-processed, dry, brittle hair! more...
Clara W.
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
Malibu C has been a trusted, reliable product for me since I have been in business. The treatments have been a lifesaver many times for many reasons, always with great results and happy clients. more...
Joy Grant
Salon Joy
Manitou Beach, MI
• • •
I got a packet of Malibu C Miracle Repair from my hairdresser...the best deep conditioner every for my fine, blonde hair! Doesn't weigh hair down, great thicker texture (a plus for fine hair) and volume. more...
Babs T.
West Hollywood, CA
• • •
I have fine hair that turns to fuzz when I use a sea salt spray to make waves. But when I mix it with Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner, I get soft, beautiful waves! It's also great to spritz on your face! It's beachin! ;-) more...
Sharon E.
Prichard, WVA
• • •
After just one use of Miracle Repair, my hair regained its elasticity, strength and felt more hydrated than it had been in quite a while! I am in love with Malibu C! more...
Krista-Marie Salem
Hair by Krista-Marie
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
• • •
What an awesome product! My hair felt so smooth and looked so healthy and shiny after using Miracle Repair. more...
Celine C.
Palmerston North, New Zealand
• • •
The Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner moisturized and conditioned my dry, brittle hair. I loved the feel of my hair. Can't say enough good things about this product. more...
Janet T.
Jonesville, NC
• • •
Miracle Repair makes my clients' hair feel like new after they have used chemicals on their hair. I love it!! more...
Brandie Harper
Intrigue Salon
Ardmore, OK
• • •
I've tried everything and nothing has compared to my first use with Miracle Repair. My hair is so soft and silky. more...
Allie N.
Springfield, OH
• • •
Miracle Repair makes my hair feel amazing. My hair looks smoother and shinier. I also noticed right away that it is less tangled. I usually have a hard time combing through my hair, but Miracle Repair helps so much. more...
Cassandra H.
Salem, OH
• • •
After using Miracle Repair, my hair was super soft and manageable like never before. I will be buying this product again! more...
Erica W.
Brookhaven MS
• • •
I am a cosmetology student so I am always coloring and using heat on my hair. It was so damaged, dull and lifeless. After using the Miracle Repair on my hair it feels amazing. I love the Miracle Repair. It is the only product I have found that I can use on my hair and have no tangles. It has restored the beauty and health back into my hair. I love this and all of the other Malibu C products I have tried. more...
Angela N.
Dorton, Kentucky
• • •
After using Miracle Repair, my hair feels healthier and stronger. I love this product! more...
Onneke E.
Ansonia, OH
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair was amazing, my hair felt sooo much healthier after just one use! more...
Mikaela D.
Bulls, New Zealand
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is my go-to repair treatment. It makes all my dry, blonde, summer hair girls have soft damage-free hair. more...
Sarah Beery
Sara Beery Hair
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
I absolutely loved Malibu C Miracle Repair. It made my hair feel so soft and wonderful with just one use! I plan to use it monthly now because my hair gets really damaged from flat ironing every day. more...
Brandi C.
Lombard, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair worked amazingly! I absolutely loved it! My hair was much softer and healthier looking after just one use. more...
Brooke L.
Jonesboro, AR
• • •
My hair was dry, brittle, and felt "caked on" with yuck. After the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, my hair was silky and shiny again. Thank you. more...
Autumn D.
Spanway, WA
• • •
Miracle Repair Reconstructor by Malibu C is amazing! more...
Laken V.
Kirksey, KY
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair softer after just one packet. Love it! more...
Morgan L.
Aiken, SC
• • •
I am in love with Malibu C Miracle Repair. My client had decided it was a good idea to save money by highlighting her own hair and over-processed it. I went to CosmoProf and picked up Miracle Repair to retail to her. Her hair is in much better condition, noticeable after just the first two treatments! more...
Dana Dumont
Simply Beautiful Hair Design
Val Caron, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I loved Miracle Repair on my hair I will absolutely use it on my clients and retail it to them as well. more...
Francine Trupiano
Hair at Home Salon
Staten Island, NY
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair and the Malibu Blondes Wellness products are amazing. I will continue to use these products. more...
Jackie S.
Chesaning, MI
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair on my own hair and it feels so healthy and soft and it hasn't felt this way in a while! I love Malibu C! more...
Sarah J.
Anaheim, CA
• • •
I used it once and was amazed at the results. So soft and shiny beyond belief. The best condition that it has been in for a long time thanks to Miracle Repair. Thanks, Malibu C! more...
Debi M.
Mesa, AZ
• • •
I have had nothing but great results with the Malibu C products I've tried...Miracle Repair made my hair feel amazing... more...
Jenna Fafard
Evolve Hair Salon
Rockglen, Saskatchewan, Canada
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C Miracle Repair! more...
Amanda E.
Ridgefield, CT
• • •
My hair was the worst! Dry, brittle, fragile...just horrible. I bought Malibu C Miracle Repair and it is amazing! It added so much sheen and moisture to my hair, I couldn't stop touching it. The moisture it provided was life! more...
Erika W.
San Bernardino, CA
• • •
Miracle Repair works great! My hair has more shine and smoothness. more...
Brittany G.
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor and the results were amazing on very dry, damaged hair. It looked and felt so incredibly soft and manageable. more...
Chelsea B.
Eugene, OR
• • •
...Malibu C Miracle Repair was the first product to return my hair to the silky state it is usually in. Thank you! more...
Dominique A.
Sherman Oaks, CA
• • •
The results with Malibu C Miracle Repair were amazing! more...
Amy D.
Shelton, CT
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair made my hair feel like I had a fresh haircut! more...
Heather J.
Verona, NJ
• • •
I have very long hair and after using Malibu C Miracle Repair Reconstructor, I could comb through my hair without difficulty. My hair was shiny and bouncy. more...
Amiee B.
Lafayette, IN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair changes my hair, completely. I have coarse grey hair. I quit coloring, although many folks have complimented me on the natural color. My hair was always dry and unmanageable, until now. Thank you. more...
Laura P.
Jackson, MI
• • •
I color my hair and Malibu C Miracle Repair helps restore the damage from the color, especially the bleach. Thanks for a great product!! more...
Teresa P.
Covington, VA
• • •
My hair is healthy and smooth using Malibu C Miracle Repair. I also like to use Un-Do-Goo once a week to clarify. more...
Shannon D.
Austin, TX
• • •
My hair was soft and silky after using Malibu C Miracle Repair reconstructor only once. Great product! more...
Mathieu P.
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
• • •
LOVE LOVE LOVE Malibu C Miracle Repair, Un-Do-Goo Shampoo, Swimmers Wellness and Scalp Wellness! My clients have both city and well water and these products are the perfect solution! more...
Sara Pecora
Nomad Studio
Mechanicsville, VA
• • •
When I use Malibu C Miracle Repair my hair actually looks healthy, less dry and I feel much better about how it looks. more...
Katy Nickel
Look N' Good
Madison, WI
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is amazing. more...
Sarah T.
Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is a wonderful product. more...
Kristen Caldwell
Titusville, PA
• • •
I love the way my hair felt after applying Malibu C Miracle Repair. more...
Calli B.
Midland, TX
• • •
My stylist used Malibu C Miracle Repair and I loved how it made my hair feel after one use. more...
Janet P.
Enid, OK
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair bears its name, it works miracles! It leaves hair soft and smooth. I could not do without it! more...
Nathalie Perreault
Coiffure et Esthetique
Sainte Marie, Quebec, Canada
• • •
I used Malibu C Miracle Repair after unperming hair. The hair was so soft and manageable. I am very impressed. I am going to try it today on another client who has dry, unruly hair. more...
Brittany Fresch
South Fork, PA
• • •
I applied Miracle Repair to my hair in the shower and left it on for about 15 minutes. Boy, did I feel and see the difference when I got out and styled my hair. more...
Nikki Courry
Carbondale, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is an amazing product. more...
Laura Courtie
Laura Courtie Hair
Bellshill, United Kingdom
• • •
My hair is thin and fragile. Malibu C Miracle Repair made it silky and smooth. No tangles. more...
Gracie F.
Greene, IA
• • •
My hair feels 100x better than it did before, visibly you can see the transformation as well. This was my first time using Malibu C and my experience was 5 star plus!! more...
Rebecca S.
Kathleen, FL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair lifted blonde a little lighter and turned coarse, brittle hair into smooth, soft hair. It looked completely different. more...
Adrienne Gauthe
Regis Salon
Thibodaux, LA
• • •
Love Malibu C Miracle Repair! Makes my over processed hair feel soft. more...
Melannie G.
Olympia, WA
• • •
This light leave-in conditioner is a lifesaver! Wet or dry applications! I keep one on my boat and apply it regularly. Can't be without it! more...
Denise Shipp
Dandelion Salon
Sweet Home, OR
• • •
My damage has diminished over time thanks to Malibu C Miracle Repair. My color looks more vibrant, my hair seems to grow better and seems all around healthier. Miracle Repair brought shine and life into my hair. more...
Andrea G.
Lake Fork, IL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is excellent! more...
Xenia L.
Augusta, GA
• • •
OMG, my client's hair came out so smooth and healthy after using Malibu C Miracle Repair. more...
Sharon Malone
Styles by Sharon
Jacksonville, FL
• • •
Miracle Repair is my favorite. It's a wonderful product and my clients love the way their hair feels. I use it on myself once a week! more...
Deborah Gallo
Fantastic Sams
Marlton, NJ
• • •
My hair looks very healthy and shiny thanks to Malibu C Miracle Repair. I love my hair! more...
Ruslana S.
Warrington, PA
• • •
My daughters have very long hair that easily tangles and is difficult to brush, especially in the summer when they swim regularly. I have bought various brushes and sprays, all to no avail...hair brushing always ended in tears. Since I started using Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner, those tears have ceased! I cannot believe how easy their hair brushes through. I use it wet and dry and it works unbelievably well. The girls call it the "magic spray!" more...
Stacey L.
New York, NY
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner is a great product! I received it as a gift and I use it almost every day! It doesn't weigh down my hair and it fixed my brittle ends. more...
Jen H.
Naples, FL
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair and my hair looks and feels wonderful. more...
Dena G.
Saint Robert, MO
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair makes my hair nice and soft and has made my hair look a lot healthier! more...
Brittney L.
Eau Claire, WI
• • •
I bought Malibu C Hard Water Wellness (shampoo, conditioner, wellness remedy) and Miracle Repair. WOW! I cannot believe the difference...my hair is finally looking and feeling like healthy, soft, shiny hair again. I am a self-proclaimed biggest advocate of your product. more...
Irene Prentice
Spa Escape
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• • •
It is a miracle! more...
Denise Shipp
Sweet Home, OR
• • •
I used two packets of Malibu C Miracle Repair on my hair and absolutely loved it. The smell is amazing! It also left my hair feeling wonderful and soft. I highly recommend it! more...
Abigail D.
Lincoln, IL
• • •
I use Malibu C Miracle Repair as a deep conditioning treatment and it leaves the hair soft, shiny and beautiful! more...
Connie Sutton
Bella Vie Hair Studio
Southern Pines, NC
• • •
I use a flat iron on a high level which affects my ends. I used Malibu C Miracle Repair and it helped my hair stop breaking off. more...
Staci Pyles
Styles by Staci @ Lasting Looks
Belleview, FL
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair was very beneficial to my hair. It made it feel healthier and kept it conditioned for a very long time before I needed to wash it. more...
Michelle D.
Plymouth, IN
• • •
I love, love Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist. I have naturally curly hair and it makes the curls so soft, manageable and not frizzy. more...
Linda M.
Lakewood, CO
• • •
My hair is very chemically damaged from changing my color so often. I love Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner It makes my hair soft, shiny and manageable. I can see an improvement with my split ends and my hair holds color so much better. more...
Stephanie Cirillo
The Locker Room
Meriden, CT
• • •
I blow dry and flat iron my hair so frequently that my hair is pretty damaged and when I started using Malibu C I noticed an immediate difference... I love the Hard Water Wellness products and Miracle Repair. Every time I use these products my hair has great shine, is so sot to the touch, and I can wear it down that same day. more...
Tara K.
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
I love the results of Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo and how Miracle Repair saved my ends. more...
Denise Quattrochi
Wall, NJ
• • •
I really enjoy Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist! It leaves my hair feeling soft and lightweight! more...
Sandy M.
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
• • •
I absolutely love your 100% Vegan Malibu C products! My favorite is Miracle Repair. It makes my hair soft and silky. I have recommended your products to all my friends to try. more...
Kelly M.
Burnside, KY
• • •
Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner left my hair so smooth and shiny. I love it. more...
Hannah K.
Kingsport, TN
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is excellent! more...
Cynthia D.
Lake City, AR
• • •
I've only used Malibu C Leave-In Mist Conditioner a few times so far but I like it. I love how I can spray as much as I want into my hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. I use it after I shower multiple times in the process of drying and styling my hair. more...
Cheryl M.
Dublin, TX
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair does wonders for strengthening the hair. more...
April Friel
Floyd's Salon
Weatherford, TX
• • •
The ends of my hair were dry and straw-like. After one treatment of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, my hair is back to its shiny, soft texture. more...
Madyson H.
Morehead, KY
• • •
I had a stylist over bleach and burn my hair almost a year ago now. Nearly six inches fell out from the over bleaching. My new stylist started using Malibu C Miracle Repair reconstructor on my hair. It is now manageable. I am so happy I can run my fingers through my hair now. This product has been a life saver. more...
Melissa G.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
The Miracle Repair is wonderful for damaged hair. more...
Tiffany Schrenk
Regis Salons
Bismarck, ND
• • •
Miracle Repair is fantastic! more...
Jaimie F.
Deridder, LA
• • •
I was introduced to Malibu C Miracle Repair at the Vidal Sassoon salon in Los Angeles. I absolutely love this product! My hair is very thin and I get this treatment every time I get subtle highlights on strands of my hair. It not only revitalizes my hair, but it makes it shiny, smooth and silky. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my hair every time I use Miracle Repair. more...
Debbie F.
Woodland Hills, CA
• • •
I have never used anything that has worked this well for dry, damaged hair. Thank you! more...
Kathy S.
Salem, OH
• • •
Miracle Repair gave my hair so much added life! I needed it so much because my hair was getting extremely brittle. more...
Tara R.
Redondo Beach, CA
• • •
I've used Miracle Repair twice now and it's the best! I got it as a gift, but I'll be buying more now! more...
Veronica V.
Pico Rivera, CA
• • •
I bought your Leave-In Conditioner Mist because my daughter has very curly hair and hates to have her hair brushed. I love that the product is sulfate and paraben free and I didn't have to use a detangling brush in combination. You deserve a pat on the back for amazing products. more...
Jessica H.
Winchester, VA
• • •
My 6-year old daughter's hair was bad from the pool this summer. I used the Miracle Repair and it's a night-and-day difference. Her hair is silky again and I can run my fingers through it with no tangles. My daughter said " I want my hair like this ALL the time!" Thank you, Malibu C! more...
Michelle V.
Elgin, IL
• • •
After just one use, my hair felt softer, felt and looked much smoother and was easier to work with! more...
Melissa A.
Beech Grove, IN
• • •
...the Miracle Repair is a great conditioner. It made my hair feel like silk!! Love your products!!! more...
Elaina M.
Virgie, KY
• • •
I have naturally curly hair that I flat iron every day. As a result, my hair was very damaged and dry. My friend recommended Miracle Repair and my hair has been transformed. I use it once a week and my hair has been transformed into healthy, shiny, manageable hair. I love Miracle Repair and will use it for years to come. more...
Faye T.
Elkhorn City, KY
• • •
I have blonde hair and I love Miracle Repair. more...
Omnia B.
Rockville, MD
• • •
After using Miracle Repair, my hair felt revived! It felt light and fluffy and very healthy. Amazing product! more...
Christal G.
Charlotte, NC
• • •
I had frizzy hair and Miracle Repair helped to make it more manageable and sleeker. Thank you! more...
Rachel O.
Elloree, SC
• • •
Malibu C Miracle Repair is A-MAZ-ING! more...
Jennifer D.
Memphis, TN
• • •
Miracle Repair is amazing! I love how it made my hair feel! more...
Nichola L.
Peoria, IL
• • •
I just bought two bottles of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner because I loved Malibu C Miracle Repair so much. I am sure I will love the shampoo and conditioner just as much, too! more...
Colleen C.
Woodbury, NJ
• • •
I used Miracle Repair for a professional color overhaul - with beautiful results! The shoulder length hair stripped of over-colored dark ends has transformed into rich, chocolate-colored tresses with a bit of highlights! Beautiful! Thank you! more...
Tatiana S.
Westborough, MA
• • •
My hair became soft and silky after using Malibu C Miracle Repair. My brunette color is more vibrant and has taken a huge change for the better! more...
Cheyenne S.
Lodi, OH
• • •
My hair before Malibu C was stringy, frizzy and coarse. After using the Hard Water treatment it was soft and never frizzed! I highly recommend it! more...
Christina W.
Katy, TX
• • •
My clients all LOVE their Malibu MakeOvers! We can certainly tell when it is time for another one, THAT is for sure! more...
Wendi Whitney-Smith
Avalon Salon
Paso Robles, CA
• • •
I used Miracle Repair for the first time and it made my hair much healthier looking with more shine. It also helped to repair my split ends. Thanks for making such a great product! more...
Allie G.
Brooklyn, NY
• • •
My hair feels so light and easy to manage. Having very thick hair, this product has made it so silky smooth and light. more...
Bonnie W.
Adelaide, Australia
• • •
After returning from holiday, the 45 degrees weather had dried out my blonde hair making it straw like and really brittle. After using Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Treatment I couldn't believe how amazing my hair felt! So soft and shiny! Can't wait to try the rest of the collection. more...
Melissa D.
Glasgow, Scotland
• • •