Wellness Testimonials

I knew without a doubt that I needed to use a Malibu C Color Correction treatment before I started my color correction process and boy am I glad I did! It was a TOTAL lifesaver for both me and my client! more...
Elated Stylist in MN
• • •
I started to apply color to my client and as soon as it hit the hair it started turning the hair grey/purple! So thankfully we had the Malibu C Color Correction treatment. I applied it and put the client under the dryer then shampooed and proceeded with the color service. And it turned out beautiful! Thank you! more...
Michelle Teaford
Studio 720
Carrollton, TX
• • •
The Color Correction packet really saved this client's hair. She had colored her own hair at home and it grabbed the wrong color and her long blonde hair turned gray in some areas. But after using just one Color Correction packet on her...awesome results! I'm her hero and I have a new client! Thanks Malibu C! Keep up the good work! more...
Barbara Ann C.
Studio One by Barbara Ann
Sparks, NV
• • •
I used the Malibu C Color Correction treatment on a client who was not pleased with her "home" color experiment. The Color Correction treatment safely removed the undesired color and allowed me to recolor her hair with great results! Thank you Malibu C! more...
Amanda Evans
Attractions Hair Design
Lewisport, KY
• • •
We also use Malibu Color Correction before we even touch a client that has received color at home from a box or another salon. We feel it gives us a fresh pallet to start with and helps ensure that we can guarantee our work. I used the Malibu Color Correction on myself and it made my hair feel softer, I had more shine and it removed the unwanted tones and dullness from my last color. I had everyone ask me if I had just colored my hair. I told them I just Malibued! more...
Sonya L.
Fantastic Sam's
Cary, NC
• • •
I use Crystal Gel prior to color correction. It really clears the hair and my color results are then even throughout...and gorgeous! more...
Charles Dujic
Celebrity Colorist
The Cloutier Agency
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
I have been using Malibu Crystal Gel for years. My assistants have quit asking me to help in color corrections because I always say "Crystal Gel it first." It is a great way to see what can be removed from the hair. Crystal Gel also leaves the hair prepped and ready for the next steps. So after all that hard color correction work, your color will last longer and the scalp won't be as irritated. more...
Meredith Herndon
James Allan Salon
Austin, TX
• • •
I saw the Malibu C Color Correction in the December issue of Real Simple magazine and am buying it for my adventurous 21-year old who is not afraid to color her hair at home. This time she is far away from home with her school internship and far from a salon. The color turned out more Loretta Lynn-ish than warm/medium brown. This sounds like a Godsend! Thank you!! more...
Annie H.
Cincinnati, OH
• • •
I used the Color Correction treatment and it was wonderful...it removed the bad hair color from my hair and readied it for a fabulous color! My hair looked so much better when I left the salon, it was amazing. more...
Alicia R.
North Bend, WA
• • •
The Color Correction treatment removed a lot of the color buildup making it easier for me to lift my client's hair to a bright blonde! more...
Dana Stang
Homer Glen, IL
• • •
I cannot tell you how many times Color Correction has saved me in the salon! Whenever my clients' hair starts turning an unexpected color, I know to immediately stop and apply this treatment. It works every time, and helps me make and keep clients happy that otherwise would have been dissatisfied. Not to mention, it's vegan and GREAT for your hair! What's not to love! more...
Daria Wright
Bang Bang Salon
Cincinnati, OH
• • •
All of the unwanted buildup pulled out of my hair after I used Malibu C Color Correction wellness remedy! Amazing! And now my color is is shinier than ever since I've been using Malibu C Color Wellness products. And keep it up with 100% vegan products! more...
Julia Carey
Sugarfree Hair
Jonesboro, AR
• • •
I used Malibu C Quick Fix on a client who had been "box coloring" her hair black for the past seven years. I used the Quick Fix at the shampoo bowl prior to lifting with bleach. I was able to lift her from a level 1 to level 7 using only 20 volume. I was in shock! I have used other color remover products before without nearly as much success. I can't imagine doing another color correction without this product! more...
Tammy Hanson
Strands Salon
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix removed the dark level 4 color and made it a lighter brown without the damage of bleach! 10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend this product. more...
Anna M.
Oregon, OH
• • •
I'm absolutely in love with Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction. I used it to redo a blonde tone that went awry on a client. Her damaged hair absorbed too much of the tone and turned a gross green hue. I used Quick Fix and it lifted the color right out so quickly and easily, and left her hair in better condition than it was before. I am truly amazed and absolutely LOVE Malibu C! Thank you! more...
Jennifer Alden
Primrose Organics Salon
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
Quick Fix for Color Correction by Malibu C worked wonderfully! more...
Sarah J.
Anaheim, CA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix was super quick and got out the toner that went too dark on one of my clients. more...
Jenna Fafard
Evolve Hair Salon
Rockglen, Saskatchewan, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix is always my first step when color correcting. I always get perfect results!! I love how gentle it is on the hair. Absolutely an all-around amazing product! Thank you! more...
Devon Spears
Tarzana, CA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix worked way better and faster than I expected. I love this product. more...
Sheena L.
Hanford, CA
• • •
Quick Fix by Malibu C is amazing. It pulled a lowlight off a client's hair that was done the day prior because they changed their mind and didn't like the dark color. I was very pleased. more...
Angela Winters
Angela Winters Hair
Oviedo, FL
• • •
Quick Fix pulled out the toner and left me with a gorgeous blonde with no need to use a toner again. The color was perfection. I will always keep Quick Fix on hand. My husband was amazed by the miracle. Thank you for saving my hair. more...
Mary J.
Lombard, IL
• • •
Quick Fix was amazing for clients who grabbed a bit too much toner, literally worked like magic! more...
Tia Kluthe
Lovely Hair & Makeup
Tantrum Salon
Table Grove, IL
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix saved me from a lot of embarrassment. more...
Jackie S.
Woodbury, CT
• • •
After a 30-volume platinum blonde guest turned a bit muddy and too dark at toning with a 10-volume demi, I used Malibu C Quick Fix at the bowl and it recovered to a gorgeous lavender cast platinum blonde. more...
Vicki Bailie
Glyndon, MN
• • •
I was very pleased with the outcome of Malibu C Quick Fix. more...
Zack Glaze
Kristin Karl Salon
McDonough, GA
• • •
Amazing silkiness with Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction. more...
Megan Hauck
Kathleen's Salon
Nazareth, PA
• • •
Amazing results! more...
Christine Larsen
The Mop Shop
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
• • •
Thank you for this product! It really is a quick fix!! more...
Andrea Thumm
Hair by Andrea
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
• • •
When clients box color their hair the wrong shade or over tone, Malibu C Quick Fix is perfect to lift the color right out in seconds. more...
Monica Lares
Hair by Monica Lares
Spring Valley, CA
• • •
With Malibu C Quick Fix, I noticed it removed 90% of color residue and build up on the first application. more...
Jasara Rincon
North Las Vegas, NV
• • •
The first time learning about Malibu C Quick Fix was insightful. I applied Quick Fix before my client's color service and there was a tremendous amount of brassiness reduced. Noticeably brighter blonde achieved more...
Sabina Dehoyos
The Hair Studio 1015
New Braunfels, TX
• • •
I use Malibu C Quick Fix all the time to remove up to two levels of unwanted tones or color. It also prepares the hair very well to receive the desired tones and color. more...
Jaclyn Johnson
Folsom, CA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix made removing black box hair dye possible. more...
Gigi Cabana
Gigi Nicole's Salon
Lombard, IL
• • •
Quick Fix by Malibu C was fast and easy application. I sent her on her way with gorgeous hair and a big smile on her face. Quick Fix left her hair super hydrated and bouncy. more...
Jeanette Diaz
Beauty Lounge, Inc.
Miramar, FL
• • •
I have a level one client with platinum ends. Every time I rinse her root color, no matter how careful I am, her ends turn dark grey. A little Quick Fix on the ends clears it right out, back to gorgeous blonde. more...
Tatjana Reynolds
Brandford, CT
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix took the very dark brown (looked black to me) down to the brown I wanted. more...
Michele E.
Julian, NC
• • •
Quick Fix saved me, and my client now thinks I'm a hair genius! more...
Kaila Trammell
Kaila's Trends & Trims
Langley, WA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction strengthens the strands of hair so it isn't so fragile. more...
Tomica Palmer
Palmer Paradise
Fayetteville, NC
• • •
Quick Fix has saved my bacon at the shampoo bowl more than once, without the client even knowing there was an issue. Thank you. more...
Marylou Winkler
ML Designs
Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Very happy and satisfied with Malibu C Quick Fix and Swimmers Wellness. The products helped my damaged hair to the maximum results. Thank you, Malibu! more...
Mirgana U.
Valley Village, CA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix is amazing! more...
Brooklyn M.
Fairborn, OH
• • •
Quick Fix by Malibu C is a must have!! Works quickly, and always great to remove over toning. more...
Miranda Herr
DC Haircrafters
Warsaw, IN
• • •
Got three levels removed evenly without the orange/gold with Malibu C Quick Fix. more...
Pauline D.
Boston, MA
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix worked great to get rid of leftover hair color and got my hair ready for the next round of coloring! more...
Kathleen Maney
Kathy Cuts Manes
Portland, OR
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix is amazing to remove color that unexpectedly grabbed way too dark more...
Jeanie McAdams
Crazy Be You Tiful
Annistin, AL
• • •
After using Malibu C Quick Fix, my hair was soft, silky and the shine was amazing! more...
Dana R.
Wimauma, FL
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix was seriously a life saver. Thank you! more...
Matty R.
Lowell, MI
• • •
I used Malibu C Quick Fix and absolutely loved it. more...
Charla Schoen
Belle Salon and Spa
University Place, WA
• • •
Quick Fix lifted the dark brown to medium brown, brightened my highlights (but not garishly) and also left my hair shiny. I was blown away. more...
Rebecca K.
Traverse City, MI
• • •
I love all of the products made by Malibu C. They all make my hair feel wonderful and I always get excited when I see new products coming out of this line. more...
Amy F.
Pottstown, PA
• • •
I had switched up a glossing formula and experienced a little hiccup with it. My beautiful cool blonde turned smoky blue. I stayed calm and grabbed my Malibu C Quick Fix and began to work it in the areas that grabbed blue and right before our eyes in two minutes flat, I had a Barbie blonde again. Phew. more...
Kari Sakuda
Honolulu, HI
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C products. I would give all of the products 5 stars! Strongly recommend any hair type give it a try. more...
Abby Starrs
JD Michel
Fenton, MI
• • •
I have used Malibu C Quick Fix and it has saved me time on more than one occasion. more...
Heather Grimes
Dimensions Salon
Fairbanks, AK
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction is lifesaving! Someone colored my hair too dark and ashy and Quick Fix brought my light gold right back. Really lifesaving. more...
Susan C.
Niagara Falls, NY
• • •
I used Malibu C Quick Fix and the awful blues, greens and grays were completely gone after 5 minutes! My hair felt and looked great after the treatment. I was worried that my hair was going to feel more damaged than before I used it, but it was the complete opposite. I can't begin to describe how amazing this product is. more...
Michele A.
New Britain, CT
• • •
I am naturally red-headed, but I colored my hair a brighter shade of copper gold and it turned a few shades too dark and I thought my natural color was a goner. I used Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction and my hair is perfect. It's my natural color, yet brighter. Malibu C has always saved me at the salon with in color boo-boos, over-chlorinated hair, iron-stained hair and product buildup. I am so grateful for this company. more...
Tory Christenson
Sauk Centre, MN
• • •
I'm impressed with how great the Malibu C Color Correction remedy worked! I had done highlights and lowlights on a client and the lowlights toned the highlights a bit. I used the Color Correction wellness remedy at the shampoo bowl to get the highlights looking their best and wow! Amazing product! more...
Diana Costa
Palm Coast, FL
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix really helped break up the darker pigment that I have been trying to get out of my hair from coloring it black. I had tried many other hair color removers and Quick Fix was the least damaging and gave me the best results. Thanks for making such great products! more...
Heather V.
Newnan, GA
• • •
I colored my hair with a demi-permanent color and my dry, damaged ends grabbed too much color and ended up darker than the rest of my hair. I used a Malibu C Color Correction Remedy packet and it successfully removed the darker color and left my hair feeling super clean and soft. I love it! more...
Krysta F.
Englewood, OH
• • •
I've also used the Color Correction Wellness Treatment and had good results with that, too! more...
Lindsay M.
Howell, MI
• • •
Malibu C Color Correction and Miracle Repair did everything it said it would on the package. I will use both products again and recommend them to others. I love it! more...
Rosetta J.
Virginia Beach, VA
• • •
I love the Malibu C Color Correction Treatment! I had dyed my hair with semi-permanent dyes for years and was never able to regain my natural color (the dyes probably stained my hair!) but this treatment lifted those stains and left my hair much closer to its natural color. I will definitely be using it again! more...
Hannah G.
Knoxville, TN
• • •
Love Malibu C! It's my first step in any corrective color! more...
Hannah Moravec
Hannah's Salon
Highland, IL
• • •
I have been blonde my entire life and wanted to go brown...my hair turned out black! I used the Malibu C Color Correction and it pulled out all of the harsh darkness and left me with a wonderful color! This was my first time using Malibu C and I recommend it to everyone I know! more...
Colleen M.
Washington, PA
• • •
I used the Color Correction treatment and it made my hair soft and didn't leave it dry after getting my normal hair color back. more...
Lynsey S.
East Jordan, MI
• • •
Malibu C Treatments will completely change your hair into alive, moisturized, voluminous locks!...They even fix "uh oh" color and stop a processing bleach or color. Malibu C Treatments are AMAZING! more...
Tory J.
Sauk Centre, MN
• • •
I'm absolutely in love! The Malibu C Color Correction treatment worked very well! It helped lighten my too-dark dye job. It went from being black to a pretty light brown that didn't require re-dying! The Color Correction treatment also made my hair look shiny and feel soft, very manageable and tangle-free! I have coarse, curly hair that tangles easily and this product made my locks look amazing! more...
Caitlin H.
Graham, WA
• • •
I am amazed at how well all of the products work! I own my own salon and I'm going to carry the entire line of products. Malibu C is amazing! more...
Christine Edwards
Hair Factor
Newport, NC
• • •
I had my hair colored and it turned EASTER EGG PURPLE!!! I used your Color Correction treatment ONCE and it removed it. THANK YOU for making such an easy product to use that honestly WORKS!!! more...
Jody B.
Harmony, PA
• • •
I cannot tell you what a difference the Color Correction wellness treatment made...It was a miracle. My hair came back to a beautiful blonde shade. I love this product - thank you!! more...
Diane D.
Rindge, NH
• • •
I used Malibu C Color Correction Treatment and it removes color completely! more...
Amanda B.
Nutley, NJ
• • •
Malibu C is the best purchase I have ever made for my salon. Thank you! more...
Virginia MacDonald
Hair Designs by Virginia
Simi Valley, CA
• • •
I also use (with great success) Malibu C Color Correction treatment. This is truly the best to remove home haircolor or any haircolor without losing the hair's integrity. more...
Janis Burden
Valparaiso, IN
• • •
I used the wellness treatment while doing a color correction and it helped limit damage and my scalp was way better than normal after bleaching. Went from a level 3 to a level 9. Thank you! more...
Kristy Robinson
Blonde Ambitionz
Kalamazoo, MI
• • •
I love the Color Correction treatment! It creates a clean slate for color! more...
Jess Kapki
Roseville, CA
• • •
Fantastic results on removing excess color from clients' hair prior to color service. more...
James Welch
Bocci Salon and Spa
Center Line, MI
• • •
I recently had a client come in who had gotten Copper Red put on her high lift blonde hair before coming to the beach on vacation. She got here, swam in the Gulf of Mexico and the pool for two days and her hair faded to blonde midway to the ends and turned pink red at the root. I used Malibu C Color Correction treatment to take out the remainder of the red, then process a Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment under the dryer for 20 minutes. Her hair looked wonderful, felt much healthier... more...
Valerie Wood
Eden Spa and Salon
Gulf Shores, AL
• • •
Because of your Color Correction treatment I was able to fix the client's hair without damaging it any further than it already was! So thank you so much for your amazing products!!! more...
Michelle Lee Edwards
Michelle's Salon Service
Hurleyville, NY
• • •
The Color Correction treatment allowed me to remove tons of dye buildup without destroying my hair like bleach would have. more...
Debbie Pabst
Total Concepts Salon
Black Creek, NC
• • •
I used the Color Correction treatment to adjust a blonde color in my hair and it worked really well! more...
Trenesha C.
Ozark, AL
• • •
I tried to color my hair at home with a box...what a catastrophe! as thinking...I loved the color on the box but the results were way too dark. But to my surprise the hair care gods were with me! I found a packet of the Color Correction treatment in my bag of goodies that I didn't even know I had. I was a bit skeptical, but Malibu C came through for me! more...
Cindi S.
Escanaba, MI
• • •
I absolutely love the Color Correction wellness treatment. more...
Heather Yarborough
Stylist, HBK Designs
Kings Mountain, NC
• • •
I used the Malibu C Color Correction treatment a few times to remove color from my hair and lighten it up and the treatment worked perfectly. more...
Brandy Sommers
Beginnings Salon
Hartville, OH
• • •
Malibu C products work very well! more...
Kiesha C.
Cherry Hill, NJ
• • •
I have used other Malibu C products and had recently noticed the Color Correction treatment in the beauty supply store the last time I was there. After Googling the treatment and seeing all of the testimonies on the product, I went and purchased it right away. A half hour later, my hair was the color it has always been and I couldn't be happier! I have never had a product work that well. I will be purchasing the Malibu C products for my clients and using them from now on. Thank you! more...
Laura L.
Billings, MT
• • •
The Color Correction and Hard Water treatments are awesome! more...
Katy V.
Lake Barrington, IL
• • •
I love the results every time I use Malibu C Color Correction wellness remedy. I won't do a corrective color service without it. more...
Priscilla Raglin
The Hair Goddess Salon
Red Bluff, CA
• • •
My client had a bad case of black box dye, but once we used Malibu C Quick Fix it was like completely restarting. Thank you so much! more...
Quinn W.
Main Street School of Cosmetology
Negaunee, MI
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix and CPR have saved me so many times from having to use lighteners. more...
Jamie Lenuik
Regis Salon
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
• • •
I had a client with hair that was previously colored with box color and a lot of hard water residue buildup. I did a treatment with the Color Correction Wellness Remedy before trying to correct the color and it worked wonders. more...
Jaime Mottinger
Lansing, IL
• • •
I love Malibu C Color Correction!! Every time I have a color correction or know metallic/vegetable dyes have been used I always use Malibu C first! The results are always amazing and produce wonderful results that last. more...
Marley B.
Urbana, IL
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix restored my hair to its original color and left my hair looking even better than I remembered! more...
Kelly G.
Euclid, OH
• • •
I've had great results from the whole line of Malibu C. more...
Michelle Stewart
Clarksville, TN
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction has saved my hair! more...
Kendra C.
Fall Branch, TN
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction is amazing! It took my burgundy hair and nearly got all pink tones out making it a breeze to put in blonde! more...
Kristi W.
San Diego, CA
• • •
Bad color, which had damaged hair, was corrected after three treatments using Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction, Miracle Repair and following with the Color Wellness Collection. more...
Jennifer H.
Johnstown, OH
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix lifted the color out. more...
Mindi W.
Tulsa, OK
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction got rid of my color. more...
Li Z.
Orland Park, IL
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix removed undesirable gold tones. more...
Janyk C.
Saint-John-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction is good! more...
Song Tran
Song Hair Design & Beauty Care
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• • •
Quick Fix by Malibu C worked great to correct a color goof. more...
Gracie Westover
Boise, ID
• • •
Malibu C Quick Fix and Swimmers Wellness are fabulous! Love it! more...
Miki Whitlock
Balayaged Salon
Gastonia, NC
• • •
Great results with Malibu C Quick Fix! more...
Jizelle J.
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
Thank you for fixing my hair. It was a very traumatic moment for me and you guys really saved my hair. more...
Annette N.
Midwest City, OK
• • •
I tried the Color Correction wellness remedy on my daughter's hair and I was impressed! It took the purple streaks out of her hair as planned and lightened the blonde highlights. I will continue to use Malibu C products. more...
Buffy F.
Fenwick, MI
• • •
Malibu C Brilliant Color Wellness Kit, Miracle Repair and Quick Fix for Color Correction are all EXCELLENT products. more...
Cristina Alanis
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
• • •
Malibu C saved the day!...Thank you, from a very satisfied customer! more...
Natalee Owen
Hair Studio on 30
Hanoverton, OH
• • •
I first used Malibu C Quick Fix for Color Correction and it got rid of my awful box color black band and lightened up my ends some more which worked perfectly since I lightened my hair after the treatment. more...
Rachel P.
Stratford, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I couldn't get my color to go light enough so I used Malibu C Color Correction prior to my service since my stylist recommended it and my color turned out great! more...
Tristan S.
Puyallup, WA
• • •
I love the gentleness yet effectiveness of all of the Malibu C products I have used so far and look forward to trying new products and learning more about Malibu C! more...
Ashley Gibson
Tangles Hair Design
Denison, TX
• • •
I used the Malibu C Color Correction on my hair to lighten the dark brown chunks in preparation for bleaching them blonde. It definitely lightened them and made my hair very shiny and smooth! I would recommend this product to anyone trying to go from dark hair to blonde hair. It will help the process. more...
Arealle C.
Forest Lake, MN
• • •
I used Malibu C Color Correction packet on a client of mine. I had colored her hair to a level 6 with red tones. She wanted the color to be slightly lighter and less "deep." The Malibu C Color Correction treatment was extremely helpful in reaching that goal. more...
Tara C.
Dover, DE
• • •
I love how the Color Correction remedy lifted the color I needed out of my hair and I love how my hair felt after using it. The Un-Do-Goo is the best clarifier I've tried and loved!!! more...
Lisa F.
Toms River, NJ
• • •
I find the Malibu C Color Correction to be an amazing product. I am letting my hair grow out natural. I had a reverse frost and the color on the bottom of my salt and pepper hair was a brassy, beige color. The Color Correction wellness remedy helped to blend the two colors. I am VERY HAPPY with the results. I was told about this product by my stylist. It is wonderful! more...
Shelly A.
Denver, CO
• • •
We did the Malibu C Color Correction and then lightened and the color came out beautiful! more...
Lydia Sanchez
Rockford, IL
• • •
I have used Malibu C Crystal Gel and Color Correction wellness remedies on many of my clients. I love how amazing their hair feels afterward. I also love that it's 100% vegan. more...
Taylor Phegley
Shearly Simple
New Castle, IN
• • •
I colored my hair red and glazed it with a deep red. It came out too dark, so I used the Malibu C Color Correction packet and it removed my fresh red color and lightened enough to where I could achieve the exact cherry red I was looking to get and without any damage. I decided to use the Miracle Repair, too, since I processed three times in one day and Miracle Repair made my hair feel absolutely amazing and no damage. more...
Sarah Ranabargar
El Paso, TX
• • •
I cannot say enough about the color corrrection product by Malibu C Color Correction. It is so nice that it doesn't smell and the color results are just fabulous! more...
Lisa Rocklandry
Splitends by Lisa
Amelia, LA
• • •
I also used Malibu C Quick Fix on a client that felt her hair was a bit too dark. Amazing fix in 10 minutes! Thank you for an amazing product! more...
Kathy Machacek Alvin, TX
• • •
I was able to correct my hair color with just one Color Correction packet more...
Nina F.
Hawley, PA
• • •
I'm very impressed! This product line just became available at our supplier's in my town and the word has been buzzing about Malibu C products. I can't wait to try other products offered as well as the skin care. more...
Michele Maisano
House of Hair
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
• • •
The Color Correction treatment helped get rid of some of the red in my hair. Love this product! more...
Brittany M.
Justice, IL
• • •
Love Malibu C Color Correction treatment. I have hard water with iron that discolors my hair color. This product is the only product that removes the unwanted hair color stains. Thank you, Malibu C, great product. more...
Jacqueline M.
Franklin, NC
• • •
I tried a strawberry blonde color that ended up turning a rusty orange so I wanted to fix it but I didn't want to use another permanent color. I told a family member who is a beautician my dilemma and she recommended Color Correction treatment. I'm so glad she did! more...
Keri M.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
The Malibu C Colour Correction sachet worked really well on my hair. The shine after using this remedy was incredible. more...
Gabriela S.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I love the Color Correction wellness treatment and even though I had been using a 2N Black on my hair for years and years, I can visibly see a difference. Thank you! more...
Michelle Conway
Fantastic Sams
Edmond, OK
• • •
My hair was kinda orange and then I used the Color Correction treatment followed by Miracle Repair and now it's a beautiful red. Thank you for making such amazing products. more...
Stefanie Wiggs
Fantastic Sams
Fayetteville, NC
• • •
The Color Correction treatment worked great. Not only did it get my unwanted dye out but it also left my hair feeling soft and healthy. I recommend this product to everyone. more...
Jessica G.
Flint, MI
• • •
I did a Malibu C Color Correction treatment and then a Crystal Gel Treatment. It came out a beautiful beige blonde and no color was actually needed. more...
LeeAnna Leland
Fantastic Sams
Fort Myers, FL
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