I have been using Transparent-C for my psoriasis since I have the condition all over my body. The results have been amazing! I love it! I have been applying the Transparent-C masque and allowing it to absorb into my skin without washing it off and it actually provides protection from the irritation of certain clothes that irritate my skin. I apply Transparent-C twice a day. My skin is smoother and the redness has started to fade. Before I started using Transparent-C, by the end of the day the pain from my psoriasis would be so bad that I could feel it in my bones. Now, with using Transparent-C, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad by the end of the day. I also apply the B5 Face & Body Moisture Mist when I get out of the shower and it helps keep my skin moisturized. If I'm feeling particularly itchy over the course of the day, I spray the B5 Mist on and it relieves the itch. I also continue to treat specific spots on my arms and legs with ZInc C Serum.  Even though I don't have psoriasis on my scalp, I use the Scalp Wellness products and like the results very much!